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Ecophos invests 75M€ in Dunkerque


Yannick Van Coppenolle

Business Development & Marketing

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What is Ecophos?

Founded in Belgium in 1996, Ecophos produces phosphate from alternative sources, using processes that allow the chemical to be extracted from low-grade rock.

Why Dunkerque?

Intent on expanding, Ecophos spent a year looking into possible sites for a new production plant. The company ultimately chose Dunkerque in Northern France. 

Five key factors tipped the balance in favor of Dunkerque:

  • Outstanding logistics and infrastructure
    Interconnected transport modes—sea, rail and road—facilitate transport of raw materials and finished products

  • Available land
    In Dunkerque, Ecophos found land that met all of its requirements—at a great price

  • Industrial savvy
    Dunkerque has a long tradition of expertise in heavy industry—an asset that Ecophos found reassuring

  • Solid ecosystem
    Ecophos is backed by oil and gas giant Total, also present in Dunkerque

  • Support from local authorities
    Local and regional authorities threw their full weight behind the Ecophos project, supporting the new plant and welcoming the company into the local business community 

What’s the timeline?

The plant’s first production line will start up at the end of 2017, and its sewage sludge ash recovery line will get under way in 2018. Ecophos has also reserved additional land nearby through 2027 for a possible expansion. 

What are the company’s strategic goals?

Ecophos wants to become Europe’s top producer of feed phosphate for livestock, with an annual output target of one million tons a year. To boost production capacity, it is finalizing projects in India and Egypt.