Locate your next subsidiary in the hauts-de-france
To accelerate your growth, choose one of the most attractive regions in Europe

LOCATE YOUR NEXT SUBSIDIARY IN THE HAUTS-DE-FRANCETo accelerate your growth, choose one of the most attractive regions in Europe

From SMEs to large groups, our project managers work free of charge and in complete confidentiality with companies from all sectors (except trade and crafts) and of all nationalities to find the best solution for setting up in Hauts-de-France.

I need to be accompanied

I need to be accompanied

We help you grow your business in four simple steps

Analyze and inform
Analyze and inform

Analyze your company profile and priorities
in a detailed set of specifications
Provide industry data and information
on the business environment

Find the right solutions
Find the right solutions

Find land and/or buildings
Find partners or acquisition targets
Find critical skills
Welcome you and arrange site visits

Fast-track administrative processes
Fast-track administrative processes

Identify and tap into government aid and other business assistance programs
Interface with authorities to put formalities on the fast track

poignée de mains
Continued support
Provide continued support and help you grow

Ease you into the local business community
Help your business grow into the future

poignée de mains
Analyze and inform
Find the right solutions
Fast-track administrative processes
Continued support

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Our winning trio: Market, labor and infrastructures

By setting up in Hauts-de-France, you benefit from 3 major competitive advantages:

  • a strategic position to improve time-to-market
  • A wide talent pool to provide you with the right skills
  • exceptional transport infrastructures to support supply chains

Easy recruitment

In Hauts-de-France, you will find: a large and talented workforce, optimal productivity, competitive salaries, training tools and much more

Optimize your operating costs

Setting up in Hauts-de-France allows you to benefit from competitive operating costs for your business. Find out how the Hauts-de-France region compares to other major French and European regions.

Sectors of excellence

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of foreign-owned companies already present in the region recommend it
(source KPMG study 2022)

They chose Hauts-de-France


VDL Bus & Coach settles in Lille

"The best help a company can get comes down to saving time.
Nord France Invest basically organized everything. It was like a turnkey solution."

Julien Bahri
Directeur Général


Naturopera is setting-up its factory in Northern France

"The Hauts-de-France region has many assets, especially in terms of logistics. In Bully-les-Mines, we are close to our destination market and to our raw materials."

Kilian O'Neill


Envision AESC builds its gigafactory in Hauts-de-France.

"From a logistics viewpoint, Hauts-de-France has a central location that's very attractive to an industry like ours."

Ayumi Kurose
Project Director


MBK's winning strategy in Hauts-de-France

"Our key advantage is our location : we’re in France and in the heart of Europe."

Francois MAZURE
MBK Industrie’s Managing Director in Aisne


The specialized unit of SKF in Valenciennes

"The local authorities here have always been very supportive."

Factory manager of SKF's plant in Valenciennes


Kubota: Making Japanese tractors in northern France

"The local government, including the Regional Council, thought highly of this project. They helped us with a lot of the coordination."

Mampei Yamamoto
President of Kubota Farm Machinery Europe SAS (2014-2018)


IBM reflects on success of new service center in Hauts-de-France

"Our Lille center, with its 400 new jobs, rising to 700 or 1,000 is a window on the world for us. These teams give an edge to our value chain."

Nicolas Sekkaki
IBM France CEO


MA STEEL acquires French rail supplier Valdunes

“The local government, including the Regional Council, thought highly of this project. They helped us with a lot of the coordination.”

Wu Liping
President of MG-Valdunes (2014-2017)


GSK looks back on successful decade in Hauts-de-France

"Our Saint-Amand plant is a key producer of vaccines."

Gaël Ruche
head of GSK’s plant in Saint-Amand-les-Eaux (2016-2018)

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