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Who can benefit from the NFI services?

4 specific cases:
  • Foreign companies in all sectors looking to expand in Hauts-de-France
  • French companies with no site in Hauts-de-France
  • Hauts-de-France companies with a succession plan
  • Foreign-owned companies in Hauts-de-France with a development project
Our services are not intended for :
  • French or international self-employed entrepreneurs
  • French companies wishing to export
  • International companies seeking distribution networks only

Why as the help of Nord France Invest?

Nord France Invest provides you with completely tailored, free of charge and confidential support. We centralize all the information you need to analyze your project. We facilitate your process to find a site, partners or land. We organize site visits. We accelerate your networking with future regional partners. Find out more about the agency's services on this page.

What type of project can support you in?

The agency supports job-creating investment projects. The nature of projects varies according to 3 main categories:
  • Start-up projects
  • Expansion of existing sites in the region
  • takeovers of regional businesses by international companies.
Nord France Invest's services are not aimed at capital investments.
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The beverage industry

in Hauts-de-France

The region is a beverage production and distribution hub with two key advantages: a complete ecosystem that spans the entire supply chain - the entire value chain, including packaging manufacturers (cans, PET bottles, glass bottles) and transporters - and strong ties to markets in Belgium,the Netherlands, Germany and the UK. Global giants such as Coca-Cola, Refresco and Heineken continue to invest regularly in their Hauts-de-France sites for produce and distribute their goods. Find out what we can do for your business.
Nord France Invest

Where does the beverage industry stands
in Hauts-de-France

The Hauts-de-France region is a major player in the beverage industry, home to over 130 companies in the sector and generating nearly 2,000 local jobs. Renowned for its quality and expertise, the region stands out as France’s second-largest producer of champagne. It also makes a significant contribution on a national scale, with almost 30% of the country’s beer production. With its recognized diversity and excellence, the Hauts-de-France region is a land of innovation and tradition in the beverage industry.

  • + 130 companies
  • + 2K jobs
  • France's 2nd Region for champagne
  • 30% in the national beer production


Renowned international groups such as Coca-Cola or Refresco and companies such as Leroux and Cristaline have set-up in Hauts-de-France.

Coca Cola
Saint Amand
Méo Fichaux
Baron Albert
Baron Fuenté

A fast-growing
beer market

Northern France has a long history of brewing expertise, and Hauts-de-France is France’s No. 2 beer-making region, producing 600 million liters annually. That’s 30% of the national output.

What is driving this success? Our location plus our abundant supply of pure water and other essential ingredients, including wheat, barley and hops.

Hauts-de-France has over 60 breweries, including many fast-growing craft and microbreweries producing:

  • Pales ales, including IPAs, NEIPAs, DIPAs and Brut IPAs
  • Special aging techniques
  • Sours, kettle sours and Berliner Weisse

And some of these regional beers have won international awards.

Le marché de la bière en pleine croissance
Brasserie de Saint-Omer
Les brasseurs de Gayant
3 Monts
Brasserie Goudale
Brasserie Castelain
Brasserie Pays Flamand

Earn the Made in France label...

of the French barley production


of the French barley production

of the French malt production


of the French malt production

of the French hop production


of the French hop production

Close-up on ... Coca Cola

Coca-Cola began doing business in Hauts-de-France in 1989, at a site near Dunkirk, and its production unit has never stopped growing. After 30 years of growth and investment, its site in Dunkirk is the most important one of the group, with 8 production lines (including 2 state-of-the-art aseptic lines). Over €150m has been invested for the site to boost its industrial performance and conduct a particularly proactive approach to decarbonization. The figures speak for themselves: 5 million units leave the Dunkirk site every day!


Beverages are heavy, which complicates transport logistics and is why your company needs to be close to customers. Hauts-de-France is located in the heart of Europe—an undeniable edge to grow your market share.

Don’t miss this opportunity to position your company
in France’s #1 region for food exports

Learn more about tapping into our qualified labor pool, leveraging our R&D capabilities and getting started in Hauts-de-France.