An international logistics city in Hauts-de-France

16 Jun 2021
Business, Logistics
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An international logistics city in Hauts-de-France
16 Jun 2021
Business, Logistics
Estimated reading time : 2 minutes

Every step of the logistics value chain is facing new challenges: from storage and packaging to last-mile delivery. The Hauts-de-France Region is pioneering the way, training logistics professionals to meet tomorrow’s challenges by creating an international logistics centre of excellence.

An international logistics and supply chain city in Dourges

One of a kind in Europe, the city aims to:

  • Train 500 people per year initially
  • Boost 250 businesses
  • Develop innovative solutions to bolster economic and environmental performance which are at the heart of the Rev3 approach.

“Green logistics, as we want to design it, will streamline flow and drive us towards a zero carbon world, particularly in the transport sector.” Philippe Vasseur, President, Rev3.

The project, which represents a €40 million investment, is due for completion in 2022-23.

Thanks to this world-class facility, the Hauts-de-France will mark a turning towards green logistics and position itself as a European hub and perhaps even a global benchmark.

“This city will make Hauts-de-France France’s leading region for green logistics”
Philippe Hourdain, President, Hauts-de-France CCI.

It will stretch over 10 hectares at Dourges, right next to the Euralogistic campus and the Delta 3 multi-modal platform.

One project, 4 services

The international city will offer 4 major services to investors and businesses in the region:

  • Supply tech: a technical training school to train future professionals in multi-modal transport and green logistics in the second half of 2022
  • Logistics Factory: a technical research laboratory focusing on green supply chain (zero carbon emissions, the drive towards rail and water transport, bulk freight handling as well as workplace movements and postures) planned for the second half of 2022
  • Neo Hub: an incubator and start-up accelerator, for the start of 2023
  • Euralogistic Business Park: a 5-hectare innovation park for logistics companies

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An international city in the heart of France’s #1 logistics region

The Hauts-de-France offers many advantages for the logistics and retail sectors, which explains why it is #1 in France:

  • Direct access to North European markets
    > Find out why your company must be near your market in our article about the 3 Pitfalls of Offshoring.
  • France’s largest seafront for freight tonnage
  • Complementary and diverse transport – river, maritime, rail and road
  • Good land availability (see our online offers) at competitive prices (compare real estate prices)
  • Training and research at the Euralogistic Campus

Find out more about the logistics sector in the Hauts-de-France.

The strength of the region’s logistics sector is reflected in:

  • a significant concentration of leading logistics players
  • an ecosystem of 157,000 jobs (excluding temporary workers), i.e. 13.7% of private sector employment


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