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Dedicated to excellence in digital arts and design

La Serre Numérique is a new complex for multimedia expertise in Northern France. Dedicated to excellence, this Valenciennes-based hub was developed by the Grand Hainaut Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It offers 17,000 sq m of space devoted to digital arts, aimed at expanding the existing digital community and growing its main activities—animation, video games and design. Today La Serre Numérique encapsulates the French touch at its best, with world-class training, key sector businesses, and a fully-equipped center for applied research and innovation. The synergies generated by interaction between these three worlds accelerate project development and attract new players.

Rubika—cutting-edge training

Now in operation for 27 years, Rubika schools have built a reputation for world-class training, top international faculty and talented students. The group has three divisions: Supinfocom Rubika (2D/3D animation), Supinfogame Rubika (video games) and ISD Rubika (industrial design). Fast facts:

  • 3,200 graduates in 50 countries to date
  • 2 campuses (in Valenciennes, France and in Pune, India)
  • Over 100 awards won in festivals

A degree from Rubika opens doors: talented students and graduates are noticed, then hired by major animation and video game studios, or by design teams at the world’s largest companies.

Research and innovation

Cutting-edge research in digital arts and innovation is a priority at La Serre Numérique, and starts at its applied research and technology transfer center.

Advanced equipment available to residents and professionals includes:

  • A 450-seat lecture hall equipped with 4K 3D
  • An immersive virtual reality space (4-sided CAVE type, 6m x 3m x 3m) linked to a 150-seat auditorium
  • Gamelab—playtest lab
  • Ethnolab, ergolab—facilities for studying user behavior and experience (eye-tracking, brain and touch-tracking, etc.)
  • Digilab—development of 3D content
  • Fablab—3D production lab
  • Powerwall—project review wall
  • Webconferencing room
  • Motion capture studio
  • Render farm and high-performance graphics calculation cluster
  • Filming, sound and editing studio

Digital arts businesses

La Serre Numérique also hosts a business incubator that offers free workspace as well as other premises available at subsidized rates to help entrepreneurs bring their projects to fruition.

Services available:

  • Closed and open-space offices, from 20 to 300 sq m
  • On-going assistance from a specialized adviser
  • Pooled business services, high-speed broadband, meeting rooms, tech platform, showrooms, training, trade shows, international travel and more
  • Financial solutions—venture capital, subsidies for entrepreneurs, financial assistance, compensation and benefits for interns, and more

Businesses already working at La Serre Numérique include:

  • KTM Advance–Edit Up—serious games
  • Byook—interactive digital books
  • Machines 3D—3D printing
  • Anarcute—video games
  • CIV France—auditing, server units, networking, maintenance and security, data center
  • YBRIK Productions—turbomedia and transmedia productions
  • DB Innovative—global design
  • Flying Saucers—graphic design & video production

A €40m investment

La Serre Numérique represents a €40 million investment by the Grand Hainaut Chamber of Commerce & Industry, with support from financial partners—the European Union, the French State, the Nord-Pas de Calais Region, Département du Nord, Valenciennes Métropolle and Ademe.