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A digital technology ecosystem in Northern France

EuraTechnologies is a bustling hub where people, teams, projects and cutting-edge work can come together—all within a single structure founded in 2009. It helps innovators and entrepreneurs succeed with a wide range of tools and support, from a business incubator to R&D to individual mentoring. Today EuraTechnologies is spearheading the growth of France’s digital economy in Northern France, and its results speak for themselves: 145 companies, 3,500 jobs, 40 incubator projects and 500 events each year, plus a wide-ranging, tightly-knit global network that includes San Francisco, Dubai, Shanghai, New York and Belo Horizonte. Fundacity ranks EuraTechnologies the no. 3 business accelerator in Europe, and no. 1 in France.

Innovation, business support and partnership

What makes EuraTechnologies special? An exceptionally varied ecosystem, built on four innovative vertical markets:

  • Retail & e-commerce
  • Cybersecurity & digital trust
  • Big Data 
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Within this diverse ecosystem, technology transfer researchers, educators and entrepreneurs can work together to make the most of the expertise on hand.

Another priority for EuraTechnologies is supporting business development at companies that have won a competitive edge on national and international markets by delivering added value through innovation. EuraTechnologies is raising their profiles by developing high-level partnerships in some of the world’s most attractive markets, including Brazil, the USA, China, Spain and Dubai. 

Setting the pace for global IT leaders

While EuraTechnologies prides itself on offering practical interaction and hands-on assistance, it is above all a state of mind—a pioneering spirit with its sights firmly set on the future. And its commitment to trading information and sharing ideas among creative talent and entrepreneurs has already attracted some of the world’s top players, including IBM, Microsoft, Tata Consultancy Services and Cap Gemini.

EuraTechnologies is an enabler, promoting talent that serves the economy as a whole by harnessing digital technologies to transform society.


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