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At the core of an ecosystem dedicated to health care

As a centre of excellence dedicated to biology, health and nutrition, Eurasanté Park features a unique business environment. It is situated at the heart of Europe's densest hospital-university campus, with 13,000 health-care professionals, 2,000 researchers and 50 laboratories, incuding:

7 Hospitals

3 Schools:

  • School of Medicine
  • School of Pharmacy and Biology
  • School of Dentistry

1 Health Engineering Institute: ILIS

4 Institutes forming the centre of excellence in paramedical and rehabilitation training:

  • occupational therapy
  • massage and physiotherapy
  • osteopathy
  • psychomotricity

Today all health-care-related activities are represented at Eurasanté: biology, medication manufacturing, medical equipment as well as services. Major names in the health-care industry already have facilities here: Bayer Santé, Genfit, HMS, Diagast, DCI pharma, 4 Clinics, etc.

In 2012, there were 17 new openings and 6 expansions, including Cyclopharma, Gamamabs, Lipofabrik, LSO Medical, Pharmavision, etc.

A flexible real estate offer

Eurasanté Park covers 350 hectares. It features an especially flexible selection of real estate. From the business centre to the independent office, by way of a site designed to host retail activities and R&D, not to mention greenfield plots, health-care companies are always able to find a solution suited to their special issues.

  • Joint programmes (laboratories and offices) adapted to the needs of health-care stakeholders
  • Varied land options are available on request
  • A Free Urban Zone offer tax and social exemptions for five years

A bio-incubator for innovative projects

Through its incubation set-up, for the past 10 years Eurasanté has hosted, financed and advised in the establishment of innovative companies and projects in all areas of biology and health.

The Eurasanté bio-incubator, an area of 1,600 m2 dedicated to the creation of biology, health and nutrition companies, features pooled services and equipment for young, innovative businesses in the industry.

Bio-incubation is intended for:

  • Emerging projects, before a company is launched
  • Young companies that are developing and marketing an innovative process, product or service.

Bio-incubation brings together many services and types of financing for start-ups and corporate projects in all health-related markets.
For more information, visit the Eurasanté site.