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Euralogistic - Industry driver

Lille Region is a major European crossroads for the flow of goods. And an obvious choice, too, as an accessible and interconnected logistics hub with a port complex open to world trade, exceptionally dense rail and highway networks, a large number of multimodal hubs and, of course, the Channel tunnel. Not to mention Euralogistic, a unique cluster of excellence with truly international vision, set up to structure and promote the industry.

Providing a wide selection of specialized services to logistics businesses, Euralogistic has been instrumental in making Northern France a national leader in the field. It offers companies R&D assistance and tracks both technology and markets in logistics, while bringing stakeholders together in an industry-wide network to step up the pace of growth. Euralogistic also promotes regional logistics and coordinates a communications strategy at national and international level through a range of tools and events.

Euralogistic Campus - Hands on training

Euralogistic Campus is designed to meet the region’s need for a highly qualified workforce, working through one of most innovative logistics training complexes anywhere in France. On a five-hectare site at the entrance to the Delta 3 European multimodal platform, it offers unique training in an immersion context, with students exposed to real-life conditions from the start. Working from two buildings, the campus trains nearly 2,000 students a year at levels ranging from vocational (CAP) to Masters. A 3,500 sq m “training warehouse” operates with real logistics flows, with a service building equipped for classroom learning. The facility now includes a showroom where students can observe first-hand the latest breakthroughs in technology by companies in the field. 

Showroom highlights expertise

Located within the training warehouse, the 500 sq m showroom highlights regional expertise in outfitting and automating warehouses—underscoring Lille Region’s status as France’s top logistics player. It was designed and built by 15 regional businesses in the Euralogistic cluster. Displays showcase top solutions for warehouse design on offer in Northern France, from shelving to handling devices, conveyors, software, inventory management and more.

Euralogistic plans to launch its next project in 2014: an R&D center dedicated to logistics. Not surprising, given the critical role played by technology in an industry where automation is vital.