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Outstanding resources for automotive testing

Designed by carmakers for carmakers

CRITT M2A is a state-of-the-art center that has put Northern France on the map for automotive testing. The facility, whose name is a contraction of Centre de Recherche d'Innovation Technique et Technologique en Moteurs et Acoustique Automobile, was set up by carmakers as an independent company giving industry players access to advanced research and test facilities. The concept is tailored to the needs of both vehicle and equipment manufacturers, with university research teams also part of the mix. In addition to automotive testing, CRITT M2A undertakes projects for the aerospace, rail and motor sports industries, with three-quarters of total business commissioned from outside France. Covering over 7,000 sq.m, the facility is staffed by 31 full-time employees and two PhD students and has benefited from investments totaling over €30 million since it was first set up in 2000.

R&D the key to continuing success

Fifteen years on, CRITT M2A is now Europe’s largest turbocharger test facility with R&D a constant priority. To maintain its leadership, the facility reinvests 20% of annual revenue in research and development. Joining forces with carmakers, equipment manufacturers and select university research teams, its current focus is on reducing CO2 emissions and fuel consumption without compromising driving pleasure.

Advanced facilities for equipment testing

Turbo Test Center

The Turbo Test Center—now Europe's largest—was set up in 2009 to raise the bar, taking turbocharger testing beyond what can be achieved using conventional engine test stands.

Five cells

Each cell can be tailored to the customer's needs, including closed-loop setups, switches on the turbocharger inlets and extended-range control of flow gas temperatures.

The Engine Test Center's facilities include:

  • 7 engine test stands
  • 4 dynamic test beds for engine development testing
  • 2 static test beds for engine durability tests
  • 1 fully anechoic chamber for powertrain noise tests

Custom test systems are also an option.

The Noise, Vibration & Harshness (NVH) Test Center's facilities include:

  • 3 coupled reverberation chambers
  • 1 semi-anechoic chamber
  • 1 fully anechoic chamber for powertrain noise tests
  • a range of dataloggers

This Center also has a 900m test track for noise tests, with roundabouts at each end.

Electrical Test Center

Operational since late 2015, the CRITT M2A Electrical Test Center aims to help automotive industry players respond to environmental challenges by offering:

  • 96 single-cell test channels in 24 environmental chambers
  • 5 battery modules
  • 1 electric motor test stand
  • 1 turbocharger testbench
  • 2 battery pack testbenches
  • 1 battery simulator


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