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CargoBeamer: a new multi-modal terminal in Calais

23 Jul 2020 | Front page, Mobility, Investment

Germany’s CargoBeamer invests €30 million in Hauts-de-France to build a road-rail terminal, consolidating the region’s position as a vital logistics hub.

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CargoBeamer: a new multi-modal terminal in Calais

German road-rail transport company, CargoBeamer, is investing €30 million (including €7 million of European Commission funds) to build a road-rail terminal in Hauts-de-France.

This multi-modal platform will be built over 5.7 hectares in the Transmarck-Turquerie area in the Pale of Calais.

It’s a prime position at the heart of the import/export flow between Europe and the United Kingdom.

An efficient state of the art terminal

The “highly efficient” terminal relies on automatic transhipment technology developed by CargoBeamer.

The facility is able to load and unload an entire train in 20 minutes. And it works with all types of semi-trailer (even non-cranable).

The equipment includes:

  • 2 parallel 350m rail tracks
  • 18 automated transhipment modules
  • A parking area with 150 places for temporary semi-trailer storage

30 new jobs expected in 2023

“Once completed, the terminal will reach full capacity in 2023 with 18 automated transhipment modules.” Hans-Jürgen Weidemann, CEO of CargoBeamer France SAS.

The works are scheduled to last 11 months and were started in July 2020.

Commissioning is scheduled for May 2021 with around 20 employees.

The site will reach full operational capacity in 2023, with 30 employees.

Hauts-de-France: increasingly connected to the world

“This new terminal will contribute to making Calais a real European rail hub connecting Northern Spain and Italy” Natacha Bouchart, Mayor of Calais.

The gateway to the United Kingdom, the Hauts-de-France already provides highly structured logistics.

With the arrival of this new terminal, the region continues to expand its road, rail and sea connections.

A real asset for cross-Channel trade.

“The region absorbs more than half the flow of goods between the United Kingdom and the Continent. The establishment of a new “rail motorway” will contribute to the diversification of the region's logistics activities and strengthen its position as the leader in cross-Channel traffic. ” Natacha Bouchart, President of Calais Promotion.

The CargoBeamer terminal’s first routes will connect:

  • Germany
  • Northern Italy

Other routes could then open, such as:

  • South of France
  • Poland
  • The Baltic states

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