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Digitalisation des entreprises
31 October 2023
Estimated reading time : 9 minutes
France is lagging behind when it comes to digitalizing its businesses. Without rapid transformation, half of them could disappear within 5 years. But what are the challenges and opportunities of digitalization? And what role does AI play within companies?
Transition énergétique : la décarbonation, facteur de cométitivité pour les entreprises et les territoires
26 October 2023
Estimated reading time : 8 minutes
European standards are accelerating the fight against climate change. Decarbonization is now at the heart of corporate strategies. But how is it a competitive factor for these companies and, more broadly, for the regions?
Réindustrialisation de la France : ente optimisme et prudence
16 October 2023
Estimated reading time : 8 minutes
Industrial issues have never been more important. But what's really the current state of France's reindustrialization? The viewpoint of Anaïs Voy-Gillis, reindustrialization specialist and researcher at IAE Poitiers.
20 September 2023
Business, Construction, Investment
Estimated reading time : 2 minutes
The company Technologies et Habitats is revolutionizing the construction sector with its building industrialization concept. To support its growth, the company is moving to Saint-Quentin, a strategic site for its development.
XTC fait le choix des hauts-de-France pour son développement européen
15 May 2023
Automotive, Investment
Estimated reading time : 3 minutes
China's XTC is joining forces with France's Orano for a four-faceted (refining, production, recycling) cathode project for electric vehicle batteries.