France: Brandquad moves to Lille and Paris

17 Dec 2019
Digital Industry, Investment, Services
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France: Brandquad moves to Lille and Paris
17 Dec 2019
Digital Industry, Investment, Services
Estimated reading time : 2 minutes

The IT startup Brandquad comes to EuraTechnologies

Brandquad, a French data management company, is opening offices in the French city of Lille ( EuraTechnologies) and Paris (Lafayette Plug and Play). This is a strategic decision aimed at developing its business in the European market.

“The arrival of Brandquad at EuraTechnologies demonstrates our strong appeal to businesses seeking a foothold in the European market. The arrival of such a champion on the site can only help accelerate its development,” said Raouti Chehih, Chief Executive Officer of EuraTechnologies.

The startup, created in 2016, provides its customers with a digital platform to reduce the time it takes to sell goods online or in retail. It uses artificial intelligence to improve data processing. With a workforce of four, split between Lille and Paris for its launch in Europe, Brandquad is aiming to recruit 40 employees within two years. The company’s headquarters will be in Lille.

Why did Brandquad choose Hauts-de-France?

  • It is an ideal location in the heart of Northern Europe, allowing the company to forge links with international businesses in neighbouring cities: London, Brussels, Luxembourg, Cologne and Amsterdam
  • A large number of head offices of companies such as Auchan, McCain, Bonduelle, Decathlon, OVH and Tereos are based here, offering Brandquad a rich ecosystem for its launch in Europe
  • The region’s dynamism in the logistics and retail/e-commerce sectors
  • The presence of the EuraTechnologies cluster
  • With a large employment pool and skilled workforce

“It’s obvious really, having a base in Lille means we are equidistant from our customers in the major European capitals, London, Brussels, Luxembourg, Cologne and Amsterdam. Lille is a great place for retail. It also has the technological universities we need for recruitment. We want to set up a research and development centre here,” said Anthony Despres-Ottavi, Director of Development

An investment project supported by Nord France Invest

“We are convinced Brandquad has strong potential for development in Europe and we helped support the project in Lille, by facilitating contacts, in particular with banks and law firms,” said Luc Doublet, Deputy Chairman of Nord France Invest.

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