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The aerospace industry is booming in Hauts-de-France. With some 160 companies and a workforce of 10,200 the sector offers quality infrastructure and skilled employees to industry players that seek to do business here. 

Aéronautique Hauts-de-France

Key figures of the aerospace industry in Hauts-de-France

  • 10,200 direct jobs
  • 160 companies
  • 8 world-class players, including AD Industries, Airfoils Advanced Solutions, Dassault, MBDA Missile Systems, Safran, SKF, Stellia Aerospace, Thalès
  • 34 subcontractors serving European clients
  • …including two ranked among France’s top five subcontractors

France: The #1 European aerospace powerhouse

Today France ranks alongside Germany and the UK as a European leader in aircraft manufacturing. In 2017 the French aerospace industry reported sales of $69 billion, making it No. 1 Europe-wide, with exports to other continents accounting for most revenue.

aerospace ranking Europe

Hauts-de-France Region's assets

Hauts de France has been an aerospace hub since early 20th. French aircraft engineer Henry potez set up his factory in Meaulte that has employed up to 5000 people

Strategical localisation

Located midway between Toulouse and Hamburg, Hauts-de-France enjoys a strategic position close to aerospace clusters in Southern England and Belgium’s Wallonia region.

Less than 20 km from CDG airport. Proximity to key players located in Paris Region.

aérospace's map Hauts-de-France

Targeted segments

Like the domestic industry as a whole, the local aerospace sector is highly diversified. Main activities include:

  • tool-making,
  • machining, 
  • assembling components for major equipment manufacturers

Innovation and R&D: serving the aerospace industry in Hauts-de-France

Hauts-de-France relies on innovation to stay competitive and keep pace with the challenges and technological needs facing the sector. The region is home to no fewer than 7 world-class R&D centers and centers of excellence.


INDUSTRILAB an innovation platform serving aerospace industry financed by Regional Council mainly dedicated to Stelia and its supply chain suppliers. 

  • 2,500 sqm offices
  • 5,000 sqm workshop
  • 1,000 sqm training center


The French national aerospace research center. The center in Hauts-de-France focuses on areas that affect aircraft safety.

  • 90 staff members
  • 45 engineers
  • 5 PhD students
  • 1st european wind-tunnels collection
  • Models designing and manufacturing


The PHMA is the reference aeronautical cluster in the Hauts-de-France region based in Albert. The PHMA provides technical and technological support to companies to enable them to diversify their production and develop their specificities.

  • 41 industrial companies
  • 8 partners in training & education
  • 3 consulting firms
  • Sector alliances

UTC de Compiègne

With its international outlook, UTC is one of the best engineering schools in the world.

  • 4 specialized Master degrees
  • 8 research labs
  • 1 R&D center


The Pôle Jules Verne University lab brings together research professors in Computer Science, Automation, Robotics and Computer Vision.

  • 4 Research teams
  • 40 Teacher-researchers
  • 30 PhD students


The Technical Center dedicated to Mechanical Industries provide companies with tools and skills to increase their competitiveness and make the link between research and industry.

  • Increase of delivery over the coming years — Ramp up & digitalization
  • Manufacturing & operating costs reductions
  • Aircrafts and Launchers of tomorrow & Clean Sky compatibility

ELSAT 2020

The ELSAT2020 project is a consortium of the most active and influential international scientific actors in the international mobility sector.

  • 282 research engineers & technicians 
  • 27 labs
  • 5 Research organizations
  • 2 technological development centers

High recruitment potential

Hauts-de-France offers the aerospace sector a highly qualified labor pool, thanks to a wealth of training programs not easily found elsewhere in France.

A comprehensive range of institutions—from vocational and technical schools to universities and schools of engineering—are represented here, some with incubators. Together they complement local R&D centers and keep Hauts-de-France at the cutting edge of innovation.