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The mobility sector is at the heart of a new industrial revolution playing out around the globe, and in Lille Region you can be part of it. We’re a leading rail and automotive performer, and Transalley—our world-class industrial and scientific cluster based in Valenciennes—has developed an ecosystem that sparks innovation and gives this dynamic industry a regional focus. If you’re a mobility professional, you can count on Transalley’s superior resources to help you build your business, develop your technology and enhance your skills.


Our fast-moving mobility sector makes Lille Region the strategic choice for you. With over 60,000 industry professionals, 300 companies and 400 researchers, we’ve launched several technological revolutions, including the first automated metro and the first mass-produced electric car. Our Transalley cluster includes major international corporations as well as a dense, tightly woven ecosystem of small and medium-sized businesses, subcontractors and specialized service providers. It is also one of Europe's largest research and innovation clusters for automotive technology, rail and sustainable mobility. Another key asset is Transalley’s educational offering, which includes more than 15 engineering schools covering every transport-related field and a wide range of highly specialized, world-renowned degree programs. The University of Valenciennes and Hainaut-Cambrésis, recognized internationally for its excellence in the science of transport, is fully committed to the Transalley cluster. With nine laboratories and 650 professors and researchers, it has been recognized by the French government as an “Innovative Campus for Sustainable Transport.”


When complete, the 34-hectare Transalley technology park will feature 180,000 sq m of real estate with units ranging from 15 sq m to 10,000 sq m. It’s the perfect location for your business or research center. The cluster brings key players together, spurring growth and new ideas, and will feature business centers, incubators for innovative start-ups and more. Common facilities will include an amphitheater, meeting rooms, a showroom, and a resource center. Transalley is home to key players in the mobility sector:

  • I-Trans, a world-class competitiveness cluster that has already supported over 200 innovative projects through its sponsorship program
  • The Railway Industries Association (AIF), with 125 players from the rail sector
  • The Automobile Cluster, a leading automotive organization with 150 member companies
  • The Nord-Pas de Calais Center of Excellence for Rail
  • International Campus on Safety and Intermodality in Transportation (CISIT), bringing together R&D programs based in 12 university research laboratories and three technology centers.
  • The Railenium Institute of Technological Research, one of the rail industry’s largest research and development centers, with a special focus on infrastructure. When fully staffed it will have no fewer than 300 researchers.
  • The Institute for Sustainable Transport and Mobility, a forum for ideas and information that combines the virtual and physical resources you need for easy access to knowledge.
  • The International Management Institute, created to train operations unit and project managers as well as experts and consultants in leading management disciplines.
  • The new Transport Technology Center that will make high-performance research and testing equipment available to the business community.

Highly skilled leadership team

Transalley has a team of experts who help businesses and research centers get the most from our regional ecosystem by putting them in touch with the right contacts. The cluster also sponsors a wide range of events, enabling industry players to build and strengthen their networks and position themselves as experts, both among mobility professionals and with the general public.

To learn more, visit the Transalley website at