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Northern France is the ideal springboard for expanding your operations in Europe. With a large community of international companies, a stable economy and a large pool of skilled labor, we offer an exceptionally business-friendly ecosystem for your project. Come and see for yourself.


Northern France offers you direct access to an international environment. Over the past 20 years, we’ve seen the third-highest total inflow of foreign investment in France. And we’re home to 1,850 international companies with 141,000 employees.


Northern France offers you direct access to a stable business environment. With GDP of €153 billion, our economy is robust, and we’re the third-ranked export region in France.

Our workforce

Northern France offers you direct access to a large labor pool. With 6 million inhabitants, we’re the second most populous region in France. And we’re the country’s youngest region: 33% of our population is under 25.