Technic moves into the former Brenntag site in Amiens

19 Sep 2019
Chemical industry, Investment, Materials
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Technic moves into the former Brenntag site in Amiens
19 Sep 2019
Chemical industry, Investment, Materials
Estimated reading time : 2 minutes

From Brenntag to Technic

In spring 2018, as part of a cost-cutting exercise, the German company Brenntag was forced to close one of its two Amiens sites and look for a buyer (in compliance with the Loi Florange), with the help of In Altum Consulting. The American group Technic, a customer of Brenntag, is taking over the plant. The takeover of the plant by Technic concludes the total reuse of vacant premises in the North Amiens industrial area.

Why has Technic decided to move to Amiens?

Technic, a supplier of specialist products for the electronics industry, wants to increase its development in Europe and Asia and there are many advantages to the Amiens site:

  • It is one of the six high-threshold SEVESO sites in Amiens, an essential classification for the Technic group, which handles chemicals and specialist products
  • Its geographical location, close to its existing plant in Seine Saint-Denis (France)
  • Its size will allow the group the opportunity to develop its production capacity. The Seine Saint-Denis plant has reached its production limits and will now be used for smaller volumes and R&D)

In taking over the former Brenntag site, Technic has committed to recruiting former Brenntag employees as a matter of priority, since they have the additional expertise necessary for the smooth running of the plant. The group has announced the creation of some 40 jobs by 2024.

A €7 million euro investment

In addition to taking over the plant and some of Brenntag’s employees, the Technic group is already planning major upgrades. Their aim is to adapt the plant to the manufacture of ultra high-tech products.

Partners played a decisive role

It is thanks to the concerted action of the various partners in this project* that Technic France has been able to recommend the site in Amiens, to its board, in preference to other European sites. In fact, it was speeding up certain procedures that enabled Technic to get a new operating permit at the earliest opportunity under the French Environment Code. As well as this, the combined actions of Nord France Invest and Amiens Métropole in consultancy and project engineering also helped persuade the group to favour the Hauts-de-France region – proof of how regional and local public authorities can mobilise themselves to welcome a value-added industry. *Nord France Invest, the Hauts-de-France region, Amiens Métropole and the regional directorate for enterprise, competition, policy, consumer affairs, labour and employment (DIRECCTE).

The Technic Group

The American group Technic is a global supplier of products and equipment for the electronics industry. Its global headquarters is based in Cranston, USA. The fast-growing group has more than 20 sites (including four other sites in France in addition to Amiens) in 14 countries and employs nearly 1,000 people worldwide.

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