Obesity: Lille’s University Hospital (CHU) becomes a European pilot site

25 Jun 2020
Business, Health
Estimated reading time : 2 minutes
Obesity: Lille’s University Hospital (CHU) becomes a European pilot site
25 Jun 2020
Business, Health
Estimated reading time : 2 minutes

Lille: a European first for obesity treatment

As the largest university hospital in Europe, the CHU is constantly innovating to improve patient care. It has been experimenting for several months with an innovative technique in weight loss surgery in the fight against obesity. This CE certified device, which is as yet unused in Europe, has all the benefits of current procedures without the drawbacks. The procedure is reversible and is tolerated by patients better than the gastric band. It is also less invasive (using laparoscopic implantation) and poses less risk than the sleeve gastrectomy (which involves partial stomach removal). The so-called B-Clamp is a clip that is placed vertically on the patient’s stomach in order to divide it in two.  When taking part in tests which are unique in Europe, patients were given additional medical care, both before and after the procedure (nutritionists, bariatric surgeons, nurse specialists, dieticians, psychologists, carers and nurse educators).

« We are the only centre in Europe to offer such structured care in the treatment of severe obesity » states Prof Robert Caiazzo, surgeon 

The B-Clamp: conclusive results 

18 patients suffering from severe obesity have reaped the benefit of this device. The weight-loss observed following the fitting of the B-Clamp corresponds to around half of the subject’s excess weight. It also allows notable improvement in diabetes in treated patients. CHU Lille, an Innovation Programme Budget  Acknowledged in an international medical journal, the use of B-Clamp at the CHU Lille is part of the Innovation Program Budget. This programme aims to support innovation for patients’ benefit and to see healthcare in the region modernised. It offers Hauts-de-France residents access to expensive breakthrough innovations. While enabling medical teams to test the value of newly implemented technology.

CHU Lille, at the heart of France’s 3th largest healthcare hub.

The Hauts-de-France region has more than 30,000 healthcare jobs. It is internationally renowned in the fields of: 

  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Inflammatory diseases and immunology
  • e-Health

It draws on the Eurasanté Centre of Excellence. In the heart of the region, CHU Lille is the largest campus in Europe. It has 7 hospitals and more than 15,000 healthcare professionals. Find out more about the healthcare sector in Hauts-de-France. Source: La Voix du Nord, CHU Lille

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