NutrEvent, the unmissable Nutrition and Health event

4 Jun 2020
Business, Health
Estimated reading time : 2 minutes
NutrEvent, the unmissable Nutrition and Health event
4 Jun 2020
Business, Health
Estimated reading time : 2 minutes

The ideal place to meet all the key players in the Nutrition and Health field

Is your company developing in the food, feed and health sector? Are you looking to build new partnerships, discover innovative projects or obtain funding? NutrEvent, the benchmark event in Europe, brings together over 650 participants from 25 countries every year:

  • food product and food supplement industries,
  • ingredient suppliers,
  • academic stakeholders,
  • technology transfer organisations,
  • R&D consultants and investors.

It’s the perfect opportunity to meet new partners and to find out about the latest innovations in your sector. You can: book a One-to-One meeting, attend conference talks and pitches and discover over 50 exhibitors. Would you like to use your visit to the show to discuss what development opportunities the Hauts-de France has to offer? Make an appointment with Olivier Charras, our Agri-food Industry Project Manager.

2020, the year of “One Health”

“One Health” is an approach in which animal, plant and human health are inextricably linked (for example using probiotics avoids the use of antibiotics for animals, which ultimately has a positive effect on human health). This transdisciplinary vision aims to develop synergies between stakeholders in these three fields in order to improve healthcare and biomedical research for the future. “One Health” is a growing movement in the agri-food industry, with R&D that bridges both animal and human nutrition seeing an increase, reaching 14% of the sector’s total research in 2019. The conferences will be organised around the following issue:
How will the feed, food and nutrition industry nurture human health respecting environmental sustainability? For the full programme, visit the event’s website:

The rise of NutrEvent, the BtoB event for Nutrition and Health

Created in 2009 by two organisations in the Haut-de-France region (Eurasanté and Nutrition, Health and Longevity Competitiveness Cluster), NutrEvent is now supported by a trio of powerful French ecosystems:

  • the Hauts-de-France, the 3rd largest French region in the sector and Europe’s leading nutrition cluster,
  • Brittany,
  • Pays de la Loire.

This partnership allows the event to take place annually, rather than biannually, rotating between Rennes, Lille and Nantes, to support industrial and academic stakeholders. Find out more about the nutrition and health Industry in the Hauts-de-France region.

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