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4 specific cases:
  • Foreign companies in all sectors looking to expand in Hauts-de-France
  • French companies with no site in Hauts-de-France
  • Hauts-de-France companies with a succession plan
  • Foreign-owned companies in Hauts-de-France with a development project
Our services are not intended for :
  • French or international self-employed entrepreneurs
  • French companies wishing to export
  • International companies seeking distribution networks only

Why as the help of Nord France Invest?

Nord France Invest provides you with completely tailored, free of charge and confidential support. We centralize all the information you need to analyze your project. We facilitate your process to find a site, partners or land. We organize site visits. We accelerate your networking with future regional partners. Find out more about the agency's services on this page.

What type of project can support you in?

The agency supports job-creating investment projects. The nature of projects varies according to 3 main categories:
  • Start-up projects
  • Expansion of existing sites in the region
  • takeovers of regional businesses by international companies.
Nord France Invest's services are not aimed at capital investments.
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Renault makes Hauts-de-France its strategic centre

Douai to produce the Mégane eVision

Unveiled in mid-October at the Renault eWays event, the Mégane eVision concept car embodies the brand’s new generation of 100% electric sedan crossovers.

It will be the first vehicle assembled on the future CFM-EV platform designed by the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance in Douai.

The Méganne eVision should hit market by 2022.

“By 2022, all new models will have an electric or an electrified version. In 5 years, 50% of all vehicles on the market will be electric or hybrid. We will also continue to produce hydrogen-powered vehicles.” Lucas de Meo, CEO, Renault S.A. and Chairman, Renault S.A.S.

The move towards electric vehicles is an obvious strategic choice for the French group, because “it is the most buoyant sector in Europe with 100 million potential clients in our part of the world today” according to Luca de Meo.

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Renault gives a second life to Zoé Electric batteries in Douai

Renault has commissioned its first Advanced Battery Storage at the Douai plant.

This stationary storage system makes it possible to regulate the electrical grid by storing energy when demand is low and reinjecting it into the network when demand is high.

It is powered by combining batteries from Zoé Electric cars, which still have a storage capacity of 75% after 15 years, with new batteries.

That’s « one hundred and fifty old batteries compiled in containers and connected to the electrical grid » according to Christophe Dudézert, in charge of implementing Advanced Battery Storage.

It represents a total capacity of 4.7Mwh on the site.

Renault Maubeuge (MCA) to produce the new Kangoo

The 2 new Kangoo models announced by Renault will be produced in Hauts-de-France at the Maubeuge plant (MCA):

  • a van for business customers
  • the third generation family model

Specialising in bodywork and LCV production, MCA is the historical manufacturer for this range, which is sold in over 33 countries.

« All our Kangoo expertise is located in Maubeuge. We need a factory that knows how to manage production because manufacturing a light commercial vehicle is a complex affair », announced Renault.

It should hit market by Spring 2021.

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Renault MCA, Douai and Ruitz : uniting skills to create a centre of excellence for electric and light commercial vehicles

A centre of excellence is to be created in the Hauts-de-France region as part of the Renault Group’s restructuring.

The plan is structured around different strategic business clusters:

  • electric vehicles
  • commercial vehicles
  • circular economy
  • value added innovation

The LCV and electric vehicle hubs will be located in the North of France and based at 3 regional sites:

  • Douai, the nerve centre with its CMF-EV platform
  • Maubeuge MCA
  • Ruitz, for automatic gearboxes

Discussions are ongoing regarding each site with different scenarios being presented by 31 march 2021.

The division will be headed by Luciano Biondo, former Director and Chairman of Toyota Motor Manufacturing France (TMMF) in Valenciennes.

“With his excellent industrial experience and regional roots, Luciano has all the qualities required to structure our regional industrial activities and develop them in a competitive and sustainable way.” Jose Vicente de los Mozos, Group industrial director

Find out more about the automotive sector in Hauts-de-France.

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