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HomeNewsProLogium Technology: a 4th gigafactory in Hauts-de-France

ProLogium Technology: a 4th gigafactory in Hauts-de-France

This announcement did not go unnoticed. It’s finally official: ProLogium has chosen Hauts-de-France as the location for its European solid state battery factory. But what do you really know about this project? Nord France Invest will give you a behind-the-scenes look at this colossal investment.


ProLogium: a €5.2 billion investment in Hauts-de-France

Faced with fierce international competition, the Taiwanese group ProLogium has chosen the Grand Port Maritime in Dunkirk as the location for its European solid state battery factory.

“ Nearly 150 sites were considered in Europe and the USA to arrive at a short listt of 3 sites; one in France in Dunkirk, the other two in Germany and the Netherlands”. Gilles Normand, Executive Vice President of International Development at ProLogium

This plant is the first one to be set up outside Taiwan.

“It is now time for ProLogium to go one step further with this new development project and the setting up of our first “giga-factory” outside Taiwan.” Gilles Normand

A long-term project, which will structure the territory and represent, by 2030:

  • 2 billion euros of investment
  • 3,000 jobs
  • an estimated production capacity of 48 GWh that will allow for the equipping of 500,000 to 750,000 vehicles annually


Why did ProLogium choose Hauts-de-France?

“Europe has a more mature market for electric vehicles and a favorable environment for the setting up of such a 48GWh plant” Gilles Normand

Targeted in France by the group, the Hauts-de-France region offers many advantages for ProLogium’s development

  • A strong research capacity in the battery sector (proximity of the LRDS)
  • A decarbonized and competitive supply of electricity
  • A strategic position that allows for a direct link to Northern Europe, Asia and the USA
  • The pre-existence of indispensable industrial and technological infrastructures
  • A qualified and available workforce (discover the Electromob training program)


An 18-month setting up project, with the support of NFI and its partners

Contacted by Business France at the end of 2021, Nord France Invest began looking for a 130-hectare location for the creation of a new-generation electric battery site.

The company’s interest in the Hauts-de-France region, and more specifically in the Grand Port Maritime of Dunkirk, quickly became clear.

“For ProLogium, Hauts-de-France is the Eldorado for electric batteries. It was essential to locate our first GigaFactory in this region.” Gilles Normand

The collective work of all the stakeholders* allowed for the necessary information to be provided, the procedures to be accelerated and the board to be convinced in only 18 months.


“I felt with all my contacts in Hauts-de-France that quality of hospitality that gives you confidence and makes you feel welcome. My Taiwanese colleagues also perceived this. This is a rare and precious feeling in international business.” Gilles Normand

*Government, Business France, Hauts-de-France Region, Nord France Invest, Urban Community of Dunkirk and Grand Port Maritime of Dunkirk


4th gigafactoy in Hauts-de-France: a complementary battery offer

Unlike the 3 gigafactories already present in the territory (ACC, Envision, Verkor), ProLogium does not produce lithium batteries.

Its arrival marks the diversification of the offer through the production of new generation solid batteries.

This new technological brick will strengthen the regional offer.

It is mainly intended for the premium electric vehicle, solar energy and industrial applications markets.


A ProLogium R&D center in Hauts-de-France

In addition to the Dunkirk project, Prologium asked NFI to look into the possibility of setting up an R&D center in the region via a pilot plant.

These activities are scheduled to begin in early 2024.

This project is expected to create 100 new jobs for engineers.

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