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Twin Promotion is investing €50M in Camiers, near Touquet

28 Jan 2019 | Front page, Investment

The Belgian property developer Twin Promotion is investing €50 million in the construction of a 630-unit vacation center in Hauts-de-France.

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Twin Promotion is investing in hotel tourism in Hauts-de-France

Following the purchase of land in Camiers (between Le Touquet and Hardelot) for €3.6M, the Belgian property development company Twin Promotion plans to invest €50 million to build a vacation center there. This investment will be spread out over 15 years.

This is an important additional investment for the Belgian property developer, which has a presence already in Hauts-de-France with multiple apartment hotels in Boulogne-sur-Mer (92 short-stay units for business and leisure travelers), Equihen-Plage (luxury apartments), Bray-Dunes, and a balneotherapy project in Sangatte.

Twin Promotion will offer a premium vacation center

The vacation center’s 630-unit development project, called Trésors d’Opale, is slated to break ground during the first quarter of 2019. Construction will take place in multiple phases. The vacation center will extend over 7.5 hectares of land and will feature apartments with up to four bedrooms. The center will offer every convenience. “There will be a swimming pool in the middle, children play areas, picnic tables, a sports field, and more”, describes the developer.

For apartments purchased as a second home, Twin Promotion offers the services of its subsidiary Holiday Suites, allowing owners an opportunity to rent out their property when they are away.

Why did Twin Promotion choose Hauts-de-France?

  • Exceptional quality of life with a natural, well-maintained coastline
  • Good accessibility to Belgium in terms of roads and travel time
  • A healthy French real estate market, whose value is expected to keep growing, providing a good investment over time for buyers

“It’s an exceptional location with many assets. The coastline is pristine, and we are very close to the A16”, says Lionel Vandecasteele, manager at Twin Promotion.

The tourism sector in Hauts-de-France

Hauts-de-France ranks 4th nationally in the tourism sector thanks to its 70,000 jobs and €6.35 billion in annual tourism revenue. The region attracts many travelers, but there is a preponderance of local tourism from countries like the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany.

To learn more about this sector and its business opportunities, contact us! 

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