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The Faire Faces Institute: €16 million investment received in Amiens

04 Mar 2019 | Front page, Health Nutrition, Investment

The Faire Faces Institute, slated to open a new dedicated site in 2021, will raise Hauts-de-France’s international standing as the home of Europe’s leading facial disfigurement research center.

 €16M invested to build the Facing Faces Institute

In late January, Amiens University Hospital Director Danielle Portal announced a €16 million investment to build an ultramodern new facility for the Faire Faces Institute. The 4,500 m2 building, to be constructed just downhill from Amiens University Hospital, is scheduled to open in 2021.

Two leading French oral and maxillofacial surgeons Dr. Bernard Devauchelle and Dr. Sylvie Testelin founded the Faire Faces Institute in 2009. The two teaching professors completed the world’s first successful partial face transplant in 2005. Their institute’s new site will build on 14 years of facial disfigurement research to ensure the pioneering program’s continued growth and worldwide acclaim.

The Faire Faces Institute: Europe’s leading facial disfigurement research center

This multidisciplinary research and teaching center specialized in reconstructive maxillofacial surgery, will focus on the Institute’s three main goals:

  • Research: with dedicated modular spaces, an operating room for experimental surgery, a cutting-edge imaging/robotics/tissue engineering platform, and all the necessary equipment, which has already been purchased.
  • Teaching: with an auditorium.
  • “Un autre regard” (Another Look), its initiative to change perspectives on facial disfigurement: with a gallery for exhibits.

Hauts-de-France, France’s No. 3 health hub

More than 31,000 people work in the health and nutrition sector in Hauts-de-France. The region is recognized for its excellence in medical fields like e-health, neurodegenerative disease research, oncology, and diabetology. Its expertise is broadened by R&D platforms and outstanding educational facilities (Lille and Amiens regional university hospitals, the Institut Pasteur and others), including the Faire Faces Institute.
If you have plans for a health or nutrition-related initiative in Europe, Nord France Invest is here to help you grow in Hauts-de-France. Contact us!

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