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Rubika captures the spotlight—again

03 Aug 2016 | Front page, ICT, A region on the move

Supinfocom Rubika, Northern France’s world-class incubator for animation and the digital arts, has proven its excellence once again, winning a new award at an international animation seminar in Los Angeles.

Valenciennes-based Rubika produces new animation

New award for Rubika

Valenciennes-based Supinfocom Rubika has excelled once again. On Monday, July 25, students Gaëtan Borde, Benjamin Lebourgeois, Claire Vandermeersh, Alexandre Veaux and Mengjing Yang were awarded the prize for best student project at SIGGRAPH, an international conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques. Held in Anaheim, near Los Angeles—long a Disney stronghold—SIGGRAPH has been a gathering place for animation and special effects professionals since 1974. And its prestigious award has enhanced not only Rubika’s reputation and the career prospects of the five students, but the appeal of Northern France.

Made in Valenciennes: Crabe Phare

The winning animation, The Legend of Crabe Phare, is set at the bottom of the sea, where a monstrous crustacean seizes lost ships and adds them to his collection—until his advancing age begins to take a toll. The animated film was made entirely in Valenciennes, and its success has now spread far beyond our borders.

This ambitious project, created by the five students, has been recognized at some twenty international festivals and has won a number of awards, including best film at the Anim’Arte festival in Brazil and the Audience Award at Panam’Anim in Paris. 

New global ambitions 

Rubika has successfully raised its profile and is now recognized for training some of the world’s best animation and digital arts specialists. Created in 1987 by the Grand Hainaut Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Rubika has successfully moved up the ladder to position itself as the global standard-setter in design, animation and video games. Now France’s top school for video games, it also ranks as one of the world’s leading schools for animation. The SIGGRAPH award is only one of many: in its 29 years of existence, Rubika has racked up more than 100 prizes at international festivals in China, Japan, the United States and other countries, and at events in France and Europe.

And Rubika is continuing its quest for global growth. In the fall of 2016, it will open a third campus in downtown Montreal—a strategic move into a city known for its dynamic economy and pool of over 10,000 workers with experience in video games.

Source : La voix du Nord / Rubika

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