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Oxylane to build logistics hub near Valenciennes

25 Sep 2012 | Investment, Mobility

Oxylane has confirmed plans to install its new logistics hub for continental Europe in the industrial park adjacent to the Rouvignies Airfield near Valenciennes. The facility will supply sports equipment retailer Décathlon's stores in Northern Europe.

Oxylane - logistics hub - Lille Region

Move confirms Oxylane's long-term commitment to the region. The facility will supply sports equipment retailer Décathlon's stores in Northern Europe.

Opening is scheduled for autumn 2013, with construction getting under way in autumn 2012.

The logistics facility will underpin growth at Oxylane, which needs additional capacity to serve Northern Europe. The company reviewed a number of potential sites, including locations in Belgium, before settling on Rouvignies. This 17-hectare site is adjacent to a highway, has two entrances and—above all—is within easy reach of the Escaut river.

Oxylane's strategy of eventually making half of its shipments by waterway make Rouvignies an excellent choice. Redevelopment of sites along the Escaut is already in the pipeline, including re-opening of the Condé-Pommeroeul canal, the development of the capacity of the Prouvy port and the container terminal at Bruay/ Saint-Saulve.

When it opens in October 2013, the center will extend over 57,000 sq meters, gradually expanding to 75,000 sq meters. It will meet demanding HEQ (High Environmental Quality) standards and be designed to fit seamlessly into its environment. Warehousing, offices and technical facilities are planned, and nearly 250 permanent jobs will eventually be created.

The choice of Rouvignies reflects outstanding assistance from teams at Valenciennes Métropole, French national authorities, and regional development staff at Nord France Invest.


Source : Oxylane

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