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NTN is investing €14m in Hauts-de-France up to 2021

29 May 2018 | Front page, Mobility, Investment

Japan's NTN group is planning considerable investments in Hauts-de-France: €4 million between 2018 and 2020, 10 million up to 2021 (and then 36 million up to 2031). These investments aim to modernise the current site and enable new jobs.

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100 years and new investments

Japan's NTN group, which specialises in making steel automotive parts, this year celebrates its 100 year anniversary and is continuing to invest in its sites, especially in Crézancy in Aisne.

The group’s "Forging the future" plan provides for an investment of €50 million, divided into three parts:

  • €4 million between 2018 and 2020
  • €10 million from 2020 to 2021
  • €36 million up to 2031

This investment is expected to enable modernisation of the site (reconstruction of part of the plant, addition of 2 more forges) and the hiring of new employees, with around 10 in 2018.

Increased performance

The overall future project of the Japanese group has four key areas: human resources, innovation, sustainable development and performance, with the object of making NTN an industry leader.

Following its investments in Hauts-de-France, the group hopes to reach a production level of 10 million transmission parts a year and the production of 12 million parts for the group’s other plants worldwide by 2031.

NTN in Hauts-de-France

NTN Corporation is now ranked the 2nd biggest Japanese investor in France.

Present in the region since 2000, the group has a site of 20,000 m² here in Aisne. This site, which specialises in steel parts for the automotive industry is the only European one to possess forges. Its production helps to supply many car manufacturers including Renault-Nissan, BMW, Dacia, Toyota, and more.

Currently, the group has 130 employees at its Crézancy site, located near Château-Thierry.

Located 90 minutes from Paris by car, in south Aisne, the metropolitan community of the Château-Thierry region provides a strategic location between Hauts-de-France, Ile-de-France and Grand-Est. With some 54,700 residents, this area counts several international companies, such as Mondelez, FM Logistics and Colas.

Learn more about the automotive sector in Hauts-de-France.

Source: NTN, L’union, Ouest France

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