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Northern France site a success for Amaris

19 Sep 2016 | Front page, Investment

In 2015 Amaris opened a new office in Northern France. After just one year, results have been so positive that the Switzerland-based consulting firm now plans to expand its business in the region.

Amaris scores a success in Northern France

Strategic position in Northern France

Since the August 2015 launch of an office in Lille, Amaris has made the most of the region’s geographical and economic advantages—and in just one year, the new location has become the company’s powerhouse in Northeastern France.

The region was a strategic choice for Amaris, which has delivered management and technology consulting services for a decade. With 60 offices and 2,650 employees worldwide, staying close to clients is a priority, and the company launched the Lille office to help businesses in Northern France expand their portfolios by matching its services more closely to their expectations. “Our job is to help our clients reach their goals faster, cut time to market to a minimum, and accelerate return on investment,” says Sébastien Piaton, head of Amaris operations in Lille, Strasbourg and Belfort.

The company has also used these strategic locations to generate valuable synergies with its offices in Belgium, Luxembourg and Paris.

Strong regional potential generates growth for Lille office

Since Amaris launched its operation in Lille, results have exceeded targets, and Northern France has become the epicenter of the company’s business, thanks to the powerful economic potential created by the high concentration of corporate headquarters in the region.

“I expected significant potential, but our experience here has exceeded my expectations,” says Sébastien Piaton. “Lille truly is a major business center, for both France and Europe, and there’s a lot we can do here. Northern France has tremendous energy, and regional attitudes make it a pleasure to do business here.”

Today Amaris has a workforce of around 15 at its Lille office, but over the long term the firm expects to recruit 100 employees and generate some €10 million in sales.

Source: La Gazette Nord – Pas de Calais - Edition du Nord

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