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Lille Region introduces the hospital room of the future

18 Jun 2012 | A region on the move, Health, Nutrition and food

A new room for tomorrow’s patients. The Clubster Santé and the Lille regional teaching hospital introduced their “Concept Room” at the Hôpital Expo trade show last May in Paris.

This hospital room of the future is a sleek, stylish prototype of tomorrow’s intelligent hospital accommodation, a place where patients can connect, get their bearings and get back on their feet.

Developed under an exceptional program that involves both the public and private sectors, the project brings together over 30 businesses in Northern France, all members of Clubster Santé. The Concept Room rethinks hospital rooms from the bottom up, building on four key innovations: a patient space, a visitors’ area, a bathroom and communication interfaces. The overall aim was to maintain patients’ links to friends and family, and thus speed recovery.

Design, too, has been completely revisited, made sleek and simple with more space (18 sq m) and more light. One major innovation is an all-new bed that doesn’t look anything like a bed: instead, it’s an armchair that converts into a bed in seconds, a choice that places the patient at the center of the way hospitals work to facilitate patient comfort and recovery. Here too, the aim is to get patients on the road to recovery and shorten hospital stays.

Not surprisingly, digital technology is built in. A touchpad is available at all times, allowing patients to access the radio, the internet, TV, music and other services. This touchpad is more than a gadget: it’s a medical tool that patients can use to access medical files and check appointment schedules.

Families are also provided for: furniture includes a “visitor bed”—a mattress that folds out easily to serve as a bench or extra bed. The Concept Room is designed as a friendly, non-threatening space that maintains links with patients’ family and friends, making dehumanizing hospital stays a thing of the past.

On to the bathroom, which is both intelligent and functional. Combining better hygiene and better use of time and space, it features an automatic cleaning mechanism, and a fold-up toilet.

The new Concept Room highlights our region's innovation flair and underscores the solid, complementary expertise of the health sector in Northern France.


Source : Clubster Santé, Créativallée



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