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Intelligent textiles: 5 amazing innovations—made in Lille Region

22 Dec 2014 | A region on the move, Advanced Materials

Innotex—France’s only textile incubator—is producing startups with real promise, including these five innovators from Lille Region.

Innovation Intelligent textiles - Lille Region

In Northern France, textiles are part of our DNA—but yesterday’s mills have given way to cutting-edge organizations like the European Centre for Innovative Textiles (CETI) and its Innotex incubator. The result? Ideal growing conditions for the textile industry’s most innovative startups.


Dooderm delivers innovative, natural solutions that complement treatments for atopic eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions in both adults and children. Dooderm garments are EU-compliant, CE-marked medical devices, made with cotton and a silver-coated polyamide thread, specially manufactured to maximize the metal’s benefits for skin with psoriasis or eczema. The polyamide fiber keeps the fabric extremely flexible and extends the life of the silver coating, while fiber construction limits skin friction and optimizes the effect of the silver. The silver in Dooderm fibers fights psoriasis by combining anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects, which also limit the impact of atopic eczema. With Dooderm pajamas, children sleep better, and skin is visibly improved. Made with 100% natural, organic cotton, Dooderm garments are comfortable, durable, allergen-free and extremely well tolerated.


Babies are very sensitive to temperature, cooling quickly when exposed to low temperatures, and warming up instantly in hot environments. Regulating their body temperature has always required an effort—until now. Climakid infant wear regulates baby’s temperature with a range of cutting-edge technologies, and comes in three lines: Climakid Protec to keep little ones warm; Climakid Air to prevent overheating in hot environments, and Climakid Regul, to control moisture and protect babies from extreme temperature variations. Both Climakid Protec and Climakid Air have a multi-layer structure, with a micro-honeycomb upper layer made from high-tech fiber for good air circulation. Climakid Protec is made from very warm wool with exceptional wicking and moisture-regulating properties, while Climakid Air is made with cotton for natural softness. Climakid Regul garments use thermo-regulating fabrics usually found in high-performance sportswear and mountaineering gear, with hollow fibers that trap air and allow it to circulate, while wicking away condensation. Climakid Regul onesies are thin, lightweight and warm to give children maximum freedom of movement.


For one in three people, seasickness makes boating difficult or impossible, and it was this realization that launched Wear Is My Boat. Working with researchers and the textile industry, the company has developed a range of nautical wear designed especially to make boating more comfortable—at sea and on inland waters, for solo skippers and the entire family.

Seasickness—and motion sickness in general—are caused by physical instability, fatigue and cold. The polymer-mineral complex applied to Wear Is My Boat textiles traps infrared radiation from the sun and reflects the body’s own infrared rays back to it, optimizing the benefits of the sun’s infrared rays to keep the body comfortable and help it recover from fatigue. Users have tested Wear Is My Boat gear in numerous real-life situations, and their feedback confirms its effectiveness every day.


A Dunkerque native and passionate kitesurfer, Maxime Dezoomer has created a system that is revolutionizing safety conditions for his sport. In 2011 he launched Hegoa, a company that develops security equipment for board sports, making them safer and encouraging compliance with their codes of conduct. Kite- and windsurfers find the thrills they’re looking for with Hegoa’s revolutionary new flotation system, positioned just below the spreader bar. Light and unobtrusive, it provides optimum security without restricting movement, keeping surfers safe so they can focus on enjoying the freedom of wind and waves.


From its base in Northern France, Safe Boat Equipment is improving safety for boating enthusiasts with Fendertex, its innovative flagship product. Customers can choose from a range of fenders—the equipment used to protect boats from contact damage—that are inflatable and made with specially designed textiles. Once deflated, an entire set of fenders can simply be rolled or folded and stowed in a chest or cabinet, saving space on board—and Fendertex weighs only about 20% as much as conventional fenders. With its attractive design and UV-resistant solution-dyed textiles, this innovative new product is sure to please. Sailors, take note!

Source: Innotex press release

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