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Indaver is investing €40 million in Dunkirk

23 Jan 2019 | Front page, Green Business, Investment

Belgian firm Indaver, “European specialist” in industrial waste management, is investing in Hauts-de-France for the construction of IndaChlor®, a chlorinated industrial waste treatment and recycling plant.

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Indaver: a €40 million investment

IndaChlor®, Indaver’s new plant in Hauts-de-France, will make it possible to recycle 40,000 tons of chlorinated production residue (from the PVC industry) into hydrochloric acid. The energy produced during the treatment will be reused. This is a good example of industrial ecology.

Announced in 2016, the IndaChlor® treatment plant is expected to be commissioned this year. Its construction will require a €40 million investment by the Belgian group Indaver and is expected to create some 50 jobs (20 direct/30 indirect).

The Port of Dunkirk: a strategic choice for Indaver

Hauts-de-France offers many advantages for foreign companies to set up business. The main three reasons that motivated Belgian firm Indaver to invest in the region include:

  • The presence of potential partners
  • A good logistical connection (particularly for incoming freight cars of waste to be treated)
  • A pool of available, well-qualified local workers

IndaChlor®: a circular economy in Dunkirk

Routed through pipelines, the hydrochloric acid extracted by IndaChlor® during the treatment of industrial waste will be used by Indaver’s neighboring partner: Ecophos. It will be incorporated in its animal feed phosphates manufacturing process.

The unavoidable energy will be transported as steam, also by pipeline, to a nearby distillery.

Indaver’s site in Dunkirk will therefore enable the creation of an environmentally-friendly circular economy through:

  • Reducing its carbon footprint and that of its partners through the direct transport of raw materials by pipeline
  • Creating raw materials and sustainable energy from industrial waste

An approach consistent with the regional strategy Rev3, which aims to make Hauts-de-France one of the most advanced European regions in terms of energy transition, thanks to a sustainable economy!

Indaver in the world

A subsidiary of Belgium-based Katoen Natie, Indaver has 1,700 employees in seven countries (Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Great Britain, Italy, and Portugal). The company works in multiple sectors, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and metallurgy.

With 14,000 industrial sites, Hauts-de-France is an ideal location for companies setting up business in the eco-activities sector. Learn more on our dedicated page!

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