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Hauts-de-France, specialists in sustainable transport

04 Jun 2018 | Front page, A region on the move, Mobility

Created in 2009, Transalley (Sustainable and Innovative Mobility Technology Park) has not stopped developing. Review of a cluster with international ambition and its future facilities for supporting companies.

Transalley, the Sustainable and Innovative Mobility Technology Park

Located at Valenciennes in Hauts-de-France (France's 1st region for the rail and auto sectors), the Transalley Technology Park is a 34-hectare business park (of which 18 ha have already been developed), dedicated to innovation in sustainable mobility.

The site, recently labelled Hauts-de-France Innovation Park by the Region (8 sites currently labelled), aims to be the future regional centre for the mobility sector.

A complete ecosystem

Located in the heart of a dense auto and rail industrial centre (Toyota, PSA, Bombardier, Alstom), the site brings together a tight network of skills:

  • Education: the cluster is located right next to the University of Valenciennes and Hainaut-Cambresis, labelled a "Sustainable Mobility Innovation Campus" and offering unique "transport and mobility" courses, from Bac +2 to Bac +6.
  • Research and networking: Transalley already has several research and innovation organisation in the auto and rail areas (CISIT / i-TRANS / Railenium / ARIA / AIF / Hauts-de-France automotive centre).
  • Companies (start-up, SME, group subsidiaries): some fifty companies are already present. Eventually the Technology Park expects some hundreds of companies providing 5000 to 6000 jobs.

In order to contribute to the development of auto and rail companies, Transalley also offers services for companies: company incubator, business nursery services, support for innovation and commercial development projects, training, etc.

Tools at the service of companies

For the purpose of broadening its offer as well as to always better meet the needs of the organisations in place, Transalley has launched the construction of new buildings:

  • Mobility showrooms, making exhibition spaces available, training and conference rooms
  • A test and demonstration track for product testing and launching

Along with the setting up of new services (restauration, accommodation, company crèche, sports hall, etc.)

An opening up to all the mobility subsectors…

While the region has historically had a strong appeal for the auto and rail sectors, Transalley is open to all branches of sustainable mobility. Aeronautics and logistics all have their place in this tight highly connected network.

Learn more about the mobility sector in Hauts-de-France (automotive sector, railway sector).

… and internationally

For several years, the Transalley Technology Park and AIF have been working hand-in-hand with the Quebec land transport centre of excellence on topics of land transport, sustainable mobility and logistics.

These efforts have been especially aimed at fostering the support of Quebec companies in the region, collaboration between them and the regional companies and development of value-creating partners in the sector.

This cooperation between the Hauts-de-France and Quebec organisations was confirmed in 2015, with the signing of a partnership.

Sources: Transalley, Voix du Nord, Gazette Nord - Pas-de-Calais

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