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COVID: Hauts-de-France is mobilising

24 Mar 2020 | Front page, A region on the move

Switching production in favour of masks and disinfectant gel, material donations to fight isolation... here we focus on regional companies that are taking part in the “war effort”.

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Anios-Ecolab, just in time production to meet the needs of the health crisis

While the coronavirus epidemic has caused many companies to close, factories specialising the production of (para)medical supplies are in full swing. Take Anios-Ecolab in Sainghin-en-Mélantois: the European leader in disinfectant products is currently working 24/7 on a just in time basis to maintain production of hydro-alcoholic gel.

Macopharma relaunches its historic operations

The Tourcoing business (part of the Mulliez group) which usually produces blood transfusion bags has restarted its traditional activity producing masks. It is one of 4 structures solicited by the state to relieve the shortage.

LVMH and Tereos, from luxury goods and sugar to hydro-alcoholic gel

In order to provide the best supply to hospitals, some factories have chosen to modify production. This is the case for the LVMH group and Tereos in particular.

In Beauvais, the Givenchy factory (part of the leading luxury goods group LVMH) has reorganised so that it can produce 12 tonnes of hydro-alcoholic gel per week.

Tereos, the global leader in the sugar sector and in alcohol production, has taken the same approach. Its five factories, 3 of which are in Hauts-de-France at Origny-Sainte-Benoite - Aisne, Lillers - Pas-de-Calais and Nesle – Somme, started producing gel on Wednesday 18 March.

“Faced with this unprecedented challenge across the country, we considered it our duty to bring our contribution and support to healthcare professionals who are fighting to save lives on a daily basis. It is a commitment shared by all our partners and teams within the group” stated Alexis Duval, Chairman of the Tereos board.

The material produced will be made available free of charge to caregivers and health agencies in the Hauts-de-France region.

Faced with COVID, textile businesses are also harnessing their production equipment.

Norlinge (in Nieppe, which makes bedlinen for old people’s homes) and Mouna (Roubaix, clothing subcontractor for mass distribution) have relaunched their sewing machines and adapted production to masks making.

Comclever: spontaneous solidarity to fight isolation

Other business in the region, like Comclever, are mobilising to fight isolation. The Roubaix company has made several of its virtual robotic companions (named Cutii) available in local old people’s homes so as to interrupt the cycle of loneliness that the elderly may face.

“I decided to make some Cutiis available free of charge to old people’s homes so that the elderly are able to stay in touch with their families and enjoy of remote activities.” Antoine Bataille, Comclever Group General Manager.

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