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A new Industrial Revolution in Northern France

14 Dec 2015 | A region on the move

Northern France’s strategic Third Industrial Revolution initiative is one of the first regional efforts of its kind in the world. Launched in 2013, it has a clear goal: create a new economic model that will establish sustainability and connectivity in the region by 2050.

REV3: Northern France's Third Industrial Revolution

Jeremy Rifkin and the origins of Rev3

In 2013 Northern France formed a partnership with Jeremy Rifkin, the American economic and social theorist who created the concept of the Third Industrial Revolution. Together, they are working towards a common goal: a future grounded in a new economic model. Based on the principle that history’s great economic revolutions emerge when new communication tools and new energy sources mature and begin to generate synergies, Jeremy Rifkin maintains that the next industrial revolution will begin as booming renewable energies meet the growth of new digital technologies.

The Northern France Regional Council and the Northern France Chamber of Commerce & Industry have embraced this concept—which they call Rev3—and are working to making the region a genuine laboratory for these environmental and digital transitions. It’s the first regional initiative of its kind in the world, and the aim is clear: create a low-carbon economy that will generate jobs and wealth by the year 2050.

Rev3 in action

Today, the Third Industrial Revolution in Northern France has become a collaborative process with a wealth of promising initiatives.

Specifically, Rev3 includes:

  • support for more than 300 projects,
  • an estimated €500 million in public/private investment annually,
  • over €10 million funneled into special Third Industrial Revolution savings accounts by the citizens of Northern France in just eight months,
  • an innovative €50 million investment fund for businesses willing to launch new projects and create jobs in the region.


Pillars of the new Industrial Revolution

To succeed, the industrial revolution now playing out in Northern France must meet the challenge of energy efficiency. Regional efforts are organized around five pillars:

  1. Make the transition to renewable energies—wind, solar, geothermal and hydro power
  2. Design buildings that produce energy
  3. Develop the capacity to store energy
  4. Make the energy Internet a reality
  5. Reinvent mobility for people and goods

If you’re involved in any of these areas and want to do business in Northern France, we can provide all the support and ecosystem resources you need to make your venture a success.

Join us: together we can create the Northern France of tomorrow.

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