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A Hub and factory-school for the Hauts-de-France health sector

08 Jul 2019 | Front page, Health Nutrition, A region on the move

Eurasanté, the regional centre for excellence in health nutrition, is expanding. A factory-school and new Hub are planned for 2022. This development will be a real asset to the health sector in the region.

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The Eurasanté centre of excellence is expanding thanks to €2 million in funding (out of the €10 million required) from the Hauts-de-France Future Investment Programme (PI3A). A factory-school and a brand new Hub building should be open by 2022.

Why build a factory-school at Eurasanté?

The new Eurasanté centre of excellence factory-school (in partnership with Groupe IMT - an expert training institute for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and biotechnology industries) will train 1,500 people a year in pharmaceutical and biotechnology production techniques.

By working in real factory conditions, students - both employees and those looking for jobs - will gain a detailed understanding of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes and will be ready to start work immediately. The school will be a real asset for biopharmaceutical companies, in a sector that faces significant recruitment difficulties.

Fully equipped with the latest production technology, the 800 m² state-of-the-art technical platform at the Eurasanté factory-school will use “innovative teaching methods, to train employees in the new skills required by the pharma industry 4.0.”

What is the new Eurasanté Hub?

The Eurasanté Hub, which is eagerly awaited by those involved in the health-nutrition sector in Hauts-de-France, will house project developers and start-ups currently based at the site's bio-incubator and accelerator. The fact is that due to the success of its support facilities, Eurasanté is now running out of space.

The 3,000 m² Hub will provide workspace - including offices and co-working spaces, conference rooms and creativity areas - shared laboratories and a 300 m² space for events. The Hub will be a place where professionals in the health-nutrition sector can work together to encourage innovation and simplify trials to help develop innovative projects.

In order to improve the visibility of Eurasanté and the regional health-nutrition sector in France and abroad, a showroom with moveable wall partitions will be the site’s shop window, allowing, for example, large foreign delegations to be accommodated.

Eurasanté, excellence as a boost to its pulling power

With 170 companies and 3,100 employees (out of 31,000 working in the sector in the region), Eurasanté plays a major role in promoting health research in Hauts-de-France.

This centre of excellence has become a showcase for the activities of the sector in the region, France's third largest health cluster, offering employers a varied and dynamic working environment.

This has helped attract new talent to the region and has also resulted in foreign companies, like GSK, AstraZeneca establishing a presence there.

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Source: Eurasante

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