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5 retail breakthroughs from Lille Region

13 Nov 2014 | A region on the move, ICT

The birthplace of catalog sales, Lille Region is also home to a host of e-commerce innovations. At the VADConext trade show, held in Lille October 21-23, we found five new retail technologies poised to change the way you shop. A reminder that Lille Region is French Tech at its best


In Store Solution is a striking example of Lille Region’s innovative approach to e-commerce. Building on its expertise in merchandising and dynamic displays, the company has developed an all-new e-changing room that revolutionizes the in-store experience. From inside the changing room, customers have immediate access to every available size and color for the garments they try on—plus suggestions for related products and accessories. They also remain in constant contact with their sales assistant via smartphone. Bottom line: the e-changing room complements the in-store experience, saving customers time and streamlining their interactions with staff. Young adult fashion brand Morgan started trials in April 2014 and is now hard at work deploying e-changing rooms in its retail outlets around the country.


Sparkow operates at a different point in the value chain, generating analytics and recommendations to create the ideal shopping path for each customer with data from the retailer’s information system as well as e-commerce and social media platforms. The information is relayed to customers via digital terminals and tablets, mapping out a personalized customer journey through a store or on the web.


First developed in Japan, LiFi (Light Fidelity) is a wireless communication technology using visible light that is ten times faster than WiFi. Retail pioneer Artcom and the Intermarché supermarket chain are now using this new technology to create an entirely new customer experience.
“In our simulated shopping path, customers move down a store aisle, and we attract their attention by pushing Ultra HD videos and geolocalized coupons to their connected shopping cart,” says CEO Serge Brackman. “Using standard LED spotlights, we’re showing how broadband LiFi data transmission works—at 10 megabits per second. And with the app we’ve developed we can push geolocalized information to visitors who have the app on their smartphone or tablet.”


Long lines for in-store changing rooms will soon be a thing of the past. With the Fitizzy app, you’ll always know your size--and best of all, Fitizzy can select the right size for you in everything you try on. It’s easy: simply enter your measurements in your profile. Once in a store, scan the QR code on each clothing label, and Fitizzy will select the size that fits you best. Promod fashion stores are already partnering with this startup, which was created in June 2013.


Chronodrive knows how to make life easier for its customers. Ten years ago, this Lille Region-based retailer was one of the first in France to offer a click-and-collect experience for everyday grocery shopping—at no extra charge. Now Chronodrive is launching Hiku, a connected device that replaces the paper shopping list completely.
The round Hiku device is both a bar-code scanner and a voice recorder that can understand and store a product list. Connected to your home’s WiFi, Hiku gradually fills in your shopping list and sends it directly to the Chronodrive app. All you need to do is confirm the items listed, chose your pick-up time and head for the nearest Chronodrive location!
All five of these retail breakthroughs were featured at Lille’s VADConext trade show—a 3-day overview of state-of-the-art technologies in multichannel mail-order sales, e-commerce and direct marketing. There’s no better venue for identifying the e-trends of tomorrow. Plan now to attend the 2015 edition!


Source: irrésistible news, France 3

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