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Investment in Northern France : All news - page 2

barilla - Food industry - Lille Region

Barilla develops new product at its Valenciennes plant

27 Aug 2015 | Health Nutrition, Investment

Barilla recently invested €3.2 million in its Valenciennes site to develop a new product for the Italian market

EcoPhos innovative plant in Dunkerque -  Lille Region

EcoPhos invests €60 million in innovative Dunkerque plant

24 Aug 2015 | Front page, Investment, Advanced Materials

Belgian phosphate producer EcoPhos is building a €60 million phosphate production plant in Dunkerque—its first site in France. The unit is expected to create 100 jobs by 2017.

immersive forklift training simulator - Northern France

Industrial simulators—Audace scores a success

20 Aug 2015 | ICT, Mobility, A region on the move

There's talent on tap when it comes to information and communications technology (ICT) in Northern France. A close-up look at e-learning solution specialist Audace, now developing simulators for industry.

Eurasanté health cluster -  Lille Region

i-LAB competition: 4 rising stars supported by the Eurasanté center of excellence

17 Aug 2015 | Health Nutrition, A region on the move

The healthcare sector is hale and hearty in Northern France. We take a look at four winners of the latest i-LAB competition—all members of the Eurasanté center of excellence.

CGI's global center of excellence for retail in Lille - Northern France

CGI opens global center of excellence for retail in Lille

13 Aug 2015 | ICT, A region on the move

Canada-based CGI, a global player in ICT services, helps retailers make the digital transition smoothly and successfully. In 2015, the company opened its world center of excellence for retail and consumer...

Talisman - Renault - automotive - Lille Region

Talisman, Renault’s latest sedan, enters production in Douai

10 Aug 2015 | A region on the move, Mobility

Renault’s all-new Talisman sedan is rolling off the line at the French carmaker’s Douai plant in Northern France—now a strategic site for top-end vehicles. This latest launch comes on the heels of the New...

Vandemoortele invests €21m in Northern France

Vandemoortele invests €21m in Arras plant

30 Jul 2015 | Health Nutrition, Investment

Belgium’s Vandemoortele, a European leader in bakery products, is investing €21 million to add a third production line to its existing operation in Arras.

recycled plastics for the automotive industry  Lille Region

Northern France takes the lead in recycled plastics for the automotive industry

08 Jul 2015 | Mobility, Advanced Materials, A region on the move

As consumers become more conscious of the environment, the automotive industry is shifting gears to meet new expectations. Finding ways to incorporate recycled plastics into new cars is a major part of this...

Premium grippers - Bilsing Automation - Lille Region

Made in Northern France: Premium grippers from Bilsing Automation

08 Jul 2015 | Mobility, A region on the move

Innovative technology has made Northern France a major automotive region in France and Europe-wide. Valenciennes-based Bilsing Automation France is a major contributor to the region’s success, using the latest...

Forum on european automotive industry in Lille Region

Forum on european automotive industry in Lille Region a hit

08 Jul 2015 | Mobility, A region on the move

Over 200 attendees and 30 international experts gathered in Lille to discuss the future of mobility at the second edition of FEAL, one of France’s leading events for the automotive industry.

Québec - Northern France - mobility - Lille Region

Closer ties for Northern France and Quebec

08 Jul 2015 | Mobility, A region on the move

On June 11, Nord France Invest and other regional players joined Quebec’s Ground Transportation Cluster in signing a cooperation agreement designed to boost the transport industry in both regions. Here’s a...

DBT-CEV's charging stations - electric vehicles - Northern France

DBT-CEV leads the market for electric vehicle charging stations

26 Jun 2015 | A region on the move, Mobility

Europe’s leading manufacturer charging stations for electric vehicles, Northern France-based DBT-CEV has just unveiled a 2015 version of its tri-standard unit. This innovative solution is universal and works...

Scapartois - logistics - Northern France

Logistics expert Scapartois ramps up in Northern France

22 Jun 2015 | Mobility

The Scapartois logistics hub near Arras in Northern France is thriving, with a €20 million investment set to expand existing surface area by one-third.

2015 International Investment Awardsl - Nord France Invest

2015 International Investment Awards a success

26 Jun 2015 | A region on the move

Nord France Invest held its second International Investment Awards ceremony on June 9 at EuraTechnologies, after the agency's General Meeting. This energizing event recognized five outstanding regional...

forum on european automotive in Lille Region 2013

Forum on European Automotive industry in Lille Region

29 May 2015 | Front page, Mobility

On June 25, over 200 attendees and 30 international experts will gather in Lille to discuss the future of mobility at FEAL, one of Europe’s leading events for the automotive industry.

Tessenderlo site - chemical - Northern France

Chemical specialist Tessenderlo upgrades site in Northern France

12 May 2015 | Investment, Advanced Materials

Belgium’s Tessenderlo Group, owner of the PC Loos plant in Northern France, has just announced plans for a major investment at the site. The bulk of its €50 million outlay will finance a new chlorine...

EuraTechnologies - CEA Tech - research - Lille Region

Accelerating innovation in Lille: EuraTechnologies to host CEA Tech platform

05 May 2015 | A region on the move, ICT

CEA Tech will soon launch a new research platform in Lille, strengthening the region’s French Tech label and giving Northern France a boost in the race for innovation. For business, the move signals a leap...

2014 Survey of foreign direct investment in Northern France

Northern France is definitely open to the world!

28 Apr 2015 | Investment

ORECE, France's Observatoire Régional des Entreprises à Capitaux Etrangers, has just published its latest report on international businesses with operations in Northern France. The figures speak for...

Toyota Onnaing - automotive - Lille Region

Northerners promoted to leading auto industry positions

22 Apr 2015 | A region on the move, Mobility

Automakers in Northern France—the country's no. 2 region for the automotive industry as a whole—have long been acknowledged for their expertise. Both Toyota and equipment-maker Toyota Boshoku have now shown...

Orchestra Arras - logistics - Nord France Invest - Lille Region

Children’s apparel specialist Orchestra to build new hub in Arras

13 Apr 2015 | Investment, ICT, Mobility

Unique accessibility and a dense yet flexible transportation infrastructure make Northern France a top choice for logistics operations. After welcoming e-commerce powerhouses Amazon and 3SI, Lille Region is...