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Investment in Northern France : All news - page 4

Lille Region’s Coca-Cola plant: 25 years at the top

30 Jul 2014 | A region on the move, Health Nutrition

Coca-Cola Chairman and CEO John Brock visited the region in June to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the company’s plant near Dunkerque. We look back at the beverage giant's arrival in northern France and at...

[Translate to Anglais:] Roquette - nutrition - microalgues - alimentation - Lille Region

Roquette’s New Microalgae Facility Increases Food Application Potential

18 Jun 2014 | A region on the move, Health Nutrition

Roquette, a global leader in processing plant-based raw materials (corn, wheat, potatoes, peas and microalgae) introduces a production unit dedicated to microalgae at its industrial site in Lille...

Lille Region Pasteur Institute of Lille

New platform of excellence for state-of-the-art proteomics

22 May 2014 | A region on the move, Health Nutrition

A scant 18 months after winning "Laboratory of excellence" status from the French government, ParaFrap, the Lille-based alliance for parasitology and healthcare founded by the local Pasteur...

Triple Sensation - Häagen Dasz - Lille region

Triple Sensation ice cream—a hit!

14 May 2014 | Investment, Health Nutrition

After weighing the options, including a new plant in China, General Mills' subsidiary Häagen-Dazs opted to expand its existing facility near Arras in Northern France. One new production line and 18 months...

Lille Region - Coffee and Alzheimer

Coffee and Alzheimer’s: Lille scientists publish findings

09 May 2014 | A region on the move, Health Nutrition

Researchers in Lille have flagged a surprising connection—caffeine appears to have a beneficial impact in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

Lille Region - Institut Pasteur de Lille - vaccin contre la coqueluche

New whooping cough vaccine a worldwide breakthrough

02 Apr 2014 | A region on the move, Health Nutrition

An innovative nasal whooping cough vaccine developed at Lille Pasteur Institute has successfully undergone Phase 1 trials in human subjects under Europe’s CHILD-INNOVAC research program.

Leroux - chicory - Lille Region

Leroux: 155 years of innovation

16 Jan 2014 | Investment, Health Nutrition

Leroux successfully maps the chicory genome and wins an industrial innovation award from France’s Banque Publique d’Investissement (BPI), capping more than 10 years of research with scientific...

AstraZeneca -  pharmaceutical laboratory - Symbicort - health - Lille Region

AstraZeneca ramps up investment in Dunkerque

04 Nov 2013 | Investment, Health Nutrition

AstraZeneca will invest €26 million in a new production line for the Symbicourt asthma inhaler at its Dunkerque plant. Existing lines will also be upgraded.

Tomorrow’s healthcare - CHRU Clubster santé - outpatient surgery - Lille Region

Lille Region: Tomorrow’s healthcare today

28 Oct 2013 | A region on the move, Health Nutrition

Having unveiled the hospital room of the future in 2012, Lille's University Hospital Center (CHRU) and Clubster Santé, a Lille Region health industry network, are now designing tomorrow’s outpatient surgery...

Oscar-Lambret - TomoTherapy - Radiotherapy - hospital - cancer - Lille Region

Radiotherapy breakthrough: Oscar Lambret Center celebrates world first

20 Aug 2013 | A region on the move, Health Nutrition

Lille's Oscar Lambret Center, a standard-setter in cancer treatment, offers increasingly innovative and targeted therapies

HÄAGEN-DAZS - expansion - ice cream production - Lille Region

HÄAGEN-DAZS to expand Arras facility

10 Jul 2013 | Investment, Health Nutrition

3,500 sq m addition will house new production line

Ingredia - dairy processing - investment - Lille Region

Ingredia is investing €28M in its Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise plant

11 Jun 2013 | A region on the move, Health Nutrition

A major investment for Ingredia as it targets new markets. A leading player in dairy processing, the company is very well positioned in the Special Nutrition segment, a key theme at the Nutrition Health...

NutrEvent - nutrition - health - research - Lille Region

NutrEvent: The main event in Nutrition & Health Care innovation

31 May 2013 | A region on the move, Health Nutrition

Every two years, NutrEvent brings together the worlds of science, industry, and regulation to focus on a single objective: connecting research with the market. For its 3rd edition, 500+ participants are...

The Center for Clinical Studies in Nutrition of the Institut Pasteur de Lille

24 Apr 2013 | A region on the move, Health Nutrition

The internationally renowned Institut Pasteur de Lille spearheads nutrition research. It advances the study of links between health and what we eat at its Center for Clinical Studies in Nutrition, which is...

Fishcut - Lerøy - fish-processing - Lille Region

Fishcut invests €7 million in Arras plant

23 Apr 2013 | Investment, Health Nutrition

Fresh fish specialist Fishcut is building its new plant in Lille Region—close to the efficient transport infrastructures vital to its business.

OncoLille  - France’s National Cancer Institute - Oscar Lambret - Lille Region

OncoLille consortium recognized by France’s National Cancer Institute

18 Feb 2013 | A region on the move, Health Nutrition

Leading-edge cancer research in Northern France wins key credential

Lille’s University Hospital - Discovery IGS 730 - automated cardiovascular surgery unit- hybrid operating rooms - Lille Region

World’s first automated cardiovascular surgery unit for hybrid operating rooms installed in Lille

14 Feb 2013 | A region on the move, Health Nutrition

Lille’s University Hospital introduces a unique technology platform

Coca-Cola - investment - Lille Region

Coca-Cola Entreprise likes it in Lille Region

17 Jan 2013 | Investment, Health Nutrition

Coca-Cola’s Dunkirk plant to expand, adding 15 hectares and €7 million in investment

BioFIT - Open Innovation B2B event - biotech - pharmaceutical  - health - Lille Region

Lille to host BioFit December 3-4, 2012

09 Nov 2012 | A region on the move, Health Nutrition

Preparations for 2nd annual Open Innovation B2B event now underway

Zetar expands into Northern France

10 Oct 2012 | Investment, Health Nutrition

Zetar Group chooses Lille as launching point for French market