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Northern France—the perfect base for boosting your business in Europe

In Northern France, Europe is in our DNA:
guaranteed access to Europe’s single market
a sound legal and regulatory framework
a team dedicated to making your project a success

Doing business in Europe from Northern France


A base in Northern France gives you access to Europe’s single market, with free movement of staff, goods and capital across the European Union. Ship your products to Paris. Bring in your employees from Brussels. Meet a partner in Amsterdam. Once inside the EU, the possibilities are endless.

In Northern France, you’re less than two hours from these great capitals—and you’re just across the Channel from the UK. London is only 1h20min from Lille.

When you locate in Northern France, you’ll have direct access to 500 million customers—the world’s largest consumer market. So it’s hardly surprising that 2,000 international businesses have opted to set up a manufacturing plant, logistics center or sales and marketing office here.


When you do business in Northern France, you benefit from the stability of the European Union’s legal and regulatory system.


Nord France Invest is the  investment promotion agency for Northern France. We work closely with you to simplify your move and help you grow your business in the European Union, using your profile and priorities to identify the best solutions for you. We also help you become part of our dynamic regional networks from the very start. Our services are naturally confidential and are available at no cost.

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