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Finding the right employees

Northern France is the next step in growing your European business. If you need a key employee to make your project a success, Nord France Invest can help. Let us use our network to find the best candidates for you. 

Our service

We’ll use our region-wide network of partners and our in-depth knowledge of the local business community to help find the key employee for your operation in Northern France.

  • Recruiting your first employee—the manager who will run your French site
  • Recruiting an employee with targeted skills 

How it works

To give you the best possible service, we draft a charter tailored to your needs and sign it with you. Once you’ve provided us with a position profile, we begin looking for your candidate through a range of regional resources. At Nord France Invest, we can:

  • search databases
  • contact employment agencies
  • contact specialized and/or private recruiting firms
  • publish announcements on our website

Once we receive applications, we’ll select the best candidates and send their profiles to you. You can then interview them using our video conferencing system, or meet in person here in Northern France­—we’ll be happy to make one of our meeting rooms available to you.