Setting up a business abroad — how to make your investment a success

Trouvez le site idéal pour l'implantation de votre entreprise Strategic article

How to choose the right location for your business

Finding the ideal site is critical to growing your business in France and on other international markets. You can avoid disappointment by identifying risk factors very early in your selection process. In this article, we’ll show you how to find your ideal site in 3 steps.
Specifications Strategic article

[TEMPLATE] How business location specifications can make or break your new venture

If you’re searching for the ideal site to begin—or continue—growing your business internationally, you need specifications. Done right, they’ll document your needs, sketch the broad outlines of your project and save you valuable time.
Quels sont les risques d'un mauvais choix implantation

What are the risks of choosing the wrong business location?

Choosing the right location for your international business development project can make the difference between success and failure. What happens when your site selection process goes wrong? More importantly—how do you get it right? In this article, we’ll help you identify the risks that can undermine your project.
28 qualitative  criteria for your site selection study

Your site selection study: 28 qualitative criteria for success

To find the best site for your new business venture, don’t limit your analysis to financial data. As you evaluate potential destinations, be sure to include qualitative criteria. In this article, we’ll discuss 28 factors that can make your project a success.
5 conseils pour rédiger votre cahier des charges d'implantation

5 tips for drafting sound site selection specifications

Site selection specifications are critical to the success of your international business development project. By documenting your needs in detail, you’ll save precious time as you work with your local partners to find your ideal site. Follow these 5 tips for effective, well-crafted specifications.
5 erreurs à éviter pour votre projet d'implantation

Setting up a business abroad : 5 common mistakes and how to avoid them

Want to grow your business successfully on international markets? Learn about these 5 common site selection mistakes and how to avoid them.
Trouver le site idéal en 5 étapes

Site selection process: 6 steps to find the right business location

Ready to grow your business internationally? Your site selection process can make or break your new venture. To get it right, learn from the pros. These 5 (+1) steps will guide you to the ideal site—and lay the groundwork for long-term success.

5 good reasons to download our location specifications

The specification is key to the success of your development project. It allows you to set out your in-house vision and share it with local partners.  To save you precious time and ensure you don’t overlook anything, our teams have created the first ever location specification template, based on our experience in project support.
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Finding the right region for your new business venture: Why it pays to be methodical

Planning to set up a new venture in Europe? Before you start looking for the ideal site, you need a shortlist of the most promising region(s)—but what’s the best way to develop it? What criteria should you consider? Get advice from our experts and download our qualitative decision matrix.