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In Northern France, we focus on the future. Our area has a high concentration of businesses working in advanced materials, and our extensive R&D network includes the European Center for Innovative Textiles (CETI), laboratories, and large equipment for R&D applications. The range of possible innovations is infinite—making Northern France the perfect environment for your new location.

Technical Textiles

Northern France is France’s no. 1 region for textiles. Located in the heart of “Technical Textile Valley”—Europe’s largest concentration of technical textile companies—we are also home to Up-Tex, a competitiveness cluster for textiles, as well as a range of sophisticated research facilities. We also offer the largest, most comprehensive education system for the textile industry in France.

Chemicals - Materials

A leader in the French chemicals and materials sectors, Northern France has a high concentration of major corporations with global reach. Innovation lies at the heart of the sector, powered by its many research centers.