Beauvais, Massey Ferguson's global home

18 Jun 2020
Agricultural machinery, Investment
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Beauvais, Massey Ferguson's global home
18 Jun 2020
Agricultural machinery, Investment
Estimated reading time : 2 minutes

Beauvais 4, at the forefront of industry 4.0

The American group, AGCO, which includes the agricultural manufacturer Massey Ferguson, is consolidating its regional presence with the acquisition of 15 hectares of land in Beauvais (on the former Froneri site). This €40 million investment will create 200 new permanent jobs, reinforcing Beauvais as the brand’s global home. The new AGCO site, Beauvais 4, will enable the integration of new activities within the group in France:

  • Tractor Customisation Workshop
  • Additive manufacturing facility for small series parts and prototypes to support the customisation workshop
  • In-house, national production of hydraulic tubes
  • Gearbox reconditioning

With the addition of Beauvais 4 AGCO is able to rethink its organisation as an extended centre of excellence for agricultural machinery design and production. Relying on the synergy of its 4 sites and the local economic fabric (especially with suppliers who are based as close as possible), the group aims to step up innovation, the spearhead of Massey Ferguson brand.

AGCO, successive investment in the Hauts-de-France region

“Massey Ferguson has been a leading global brand for over 60 years – for as long as we have been manufacturing in Beauvais,” Martin Richenhagen, AGCO’s CEO

 Beauvais is home to AGCO’s largest tractor production facility (under the Massey Ferguson brand) in France and Europe. More than 970,000 tractors have been manufactured there since the site opened in 1960. With 80% of the production sent to 70 countries worldwide, Beauvais is currently the largest exporter of agricultural machinery in France. The groups has been able to maintain its leading position through successive investments totalling more than €250 million over 8 years for the creation of new sites (€65.5 million), the purchase of state of the art equipment and the new tractor design.

“More than €250 million have been invested in Beauvais in the past eight years. Our growth strategy is on the right track. The proximity and availability of a skilled workforce make this expansion at our Beauvais sites even more compelling.” Thierry Lhotte, Vice President and Managing Director, Massey Ferguson Europe and Middle East

Today, the group has 4 sites in the Hauts-de-France region:

  • Beauvais 1: the main site, opened in 1960.

    It houses the R&D departments, the machine shops and the transmission assembly lines as well as assembly lines for 75hp to 400hp tractors.

    It also integrates AGCO’s distribution subsidiary for the French market, Massey Ferguson’s European operations department and the purchasing, legal, IT and human resources departments.

  • Beauvais 2: operational since September 2013, this site is dedicated to manufacturing cabs for Massey Ferguson tractors.

    At the cutting edge in terms of production, logistics, workstations and quality, Beauvais 2 is a showcase of excellence for the group.

    It is also home to the international sales training centre.

  • Beauvais 3: opened in September 2018, it is the parts and components logistics centre for the Beauvais production sites.

    Spread over an area of 30,000 m², it enables streamlining of component supply logistics.

  • Beauvais 4: whose opening was delayed by the health crisis at the beginning of 2020.

In total, the Massey Ferguson Centre of Excellence for Design and Production in Beauvais now covers a total area of 54 hectares and employs more than 2,500 people (including the GIMA and AGCO Finance joint ventures).

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