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WEPA rolls out new machine in Lille

03 Nov 2014 | Investment, Advanced Materials

German hygiene paper manufacturer WEPA invests in cutting-edge equipment for plants in Lille Region and Germany.

Major investment

WEPA Group manufactures premium hygiene paper products designed especially for European consumers. The company’s Lille plant, opened in 2008, handles both paper production and conversion of bulk output into finished products. A new €28 million investment in a third paper machine will give the site sustainability and long-term growth, raising annual production capacity by 20,000 metric tons and creating 40 new jobs.

“Investing in two new ultra-modern paper machines will allow our family-owned company to look toward the future with confidence,” said WEPA CEO Martin Krengel, adding “By expanding capacity, we’ll be able to meet our own need for jumbo reels and offer large-scale distributors and professional suppliers a secure and reliable supply of product.” 

The expanded capacity will optimize WEPA’s European supply and distribution network, making its overall operations more competitive.

Geography was a critical factor in WEPA’s decision to launch operations in Northern France. Locating in Lille Region has brought easy access to target markets in France, the Benelux and the UK, and has facilitated deliveries by waterway, which now account for 40% of the group’s annual total. 

Reduced carbon footprint

WEPA positions itself as a leading producer of eco-friendly products, combining cellulose, recycled paper and other raw materials to make papers that meet client specifications for products carrying a range of environmental labels. With its cutting-edge equipment, the group reduces CO2 emissions and protects precious natural resources—without compromising its high quality standards.

Fast facts

Present in six countries—Germany, Poland, the UK, Italy, Spain and France—with 11 production plants and over 3,000 employees, WEPA Group produces 640,000 metric tons of paper a year. Products include toilet paper, kitchen towels, tissues, cosmetic wipes, napkins, cleaning rolls and paper towels. Sales have risen steadily since the company was founded and now total around €1 billion, making WEPA Europe’s fourth-largest producer of hygiene paper with 8% market share. Most WEPA products are sold under distributor brands. 

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