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The very best in fresh, local products

06 Jun 2017 | Front page, Health Nutrition, A region on the move

Meet Euralimentaire, a new center of excellence for fresh, local foods and beverages—and their logistics—partnering with the region’s Nutrition-Health-Longevity competitiveness cluster with support from Greater Lille and the national wholesale market (MIN) in Lomme.

Euralimentaire’s mission is to create a network of local innovators in agrifood, nutrition, health and logistics to promote fresh products in Hauts-de-France. Located on the MIN site in Lomme, the new center offers 1,000 sq m of coworking space, private offices, and areas for product preparation, storage and logistics.

20 start-ups and 100 new jobs by 2018

Euralimentaire offers an ambitious incubator/accelerator program for food entrepreneurs and start-ups, with services that include project management, legal advice, business strategy and development, pitch coaching, Internet strategy, financial engineering, talent development and real-estate solutions.

Since the end of March, six lucky start-ups have set up shop at the center and are now benefiting from its services:

- Jus d’Elo (Elodie Van-Hoorebeke): organic fruit and vegetable juices, “dehydrated delights,” smoothies, plant milks and more—from drawing board to market

- Nutri’Earth (Adrien and Julien Rousseaux): raising insects and processing them into powders for use in human foods

- Minus Farm (Virginie Mixe): raising mealworms, grasshoppers and crickets, served at cocktail gatherings and events focusing on food issues

- Open Cooking (Adrien et Julien Rousseaux): an app that helps users manage the practicalities of food, from shopping to new recipes

- Mealizy: a weekly subscription service offering ready-to-cook, boxed meals that can be on the table in 30 minutes

- MyFavoreat: an app that makes life easier for consumers who are diet-conscious for medical or ethical reasons, with information on restaurants, recipes, a store locator, articles and more.

Sources: Euralimentaire, La Gazette Nord-Pas-de-Calais

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