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    Success story: Amaris Lille set to expand

    16 Aug 2017 | Customer services, A region on the move, Front page

    Switzerland-based Amaris opened an office in Hauts-de-France in late 2015. Ranked among Europe’s leading independent consulting groups, the company is growing exponentially.

    Amaris, Lille, management

    Strategic location

    Located within easy reach of Paris, Belgium, Luxembourg and other French-speaking markets in the heart of Northern Europe, Amaris Lille has become the company’s epicenter, enabling it to win new clients and easing the flow of knowledge and talent between Amaris locations around the world.

    Although the Lille office can meet needs in any area of business, its presence in Hauts-de-France has led it to specialize in cutting-edge sectors such as IT, engineering, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

    Exponential growth

    Amaris currently has over 3,000 employees and 700 clients and is present in some 50 countries, and the Hauts-de-France office has contributed significantly to the group’s success. Results for Amaris Lille were well above expectations in 2016, and the trend has continued in the first half of 2017, with sales over 100% higher than at year-end 2016.

    Room to expand

    Now Amaris cofounders Olivier Brourhant and Olivier Tisseyre are embracing a new challenge. By year-end 2020, they want to have 9,000 employees and sales of €400 million—more than double the projected figure of €180 million for 2017.

    Amaris Lille recently moved into a space ten times as large as its former offices, and the company plans to expand its workforce to 50 employees to keep pace with growth. In all, recruiters will fill 25 new positions—consultants with experience in IT tools such as Java and .NET, project leaders with expertise in business and technology, assistant project managers in retail, distribution and banking/insurance, application managers and service delivery managers.

    Sources: Amaris, Le temps

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