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    Grid opens new audiovisual studio in Greater Lille

    Belgium-based Grid has opted to open its third office in Hauts-de-France—proof that Lille’s highly developed digital ecosystem is a strong selling point for animation studios. renews commitment to Tourcoing has signed a deal for a new building in Tourcoing, making good on plans announced in April. Find out why the fast-growing online travel company chose to stay in Hauts-de-France.

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    OncoLille consortium recognized by France’s National Cancer Institute

    18 Feb 2013 | A region on the move, Health Nutrition

    Leading-edge cancer research in Northern France wins key credential

    OncoLille  - France’s National Cancer Institute - Oscar Lambret - Lille Region

    Like NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers in the US, France’s SIRIC labs are dedicated to promoting highly specialized, multidisciplinary cancer research, with the ultimate goal of raising the bar for every aspect of cancer research in France.

    In 2012 OncoLille, a research consortium composed of teams at the Lille CHRU university hospital center and the Centre Oscar-Lambret, was named an official SIRIC center—a top honor acknowledging its expertise as an integrated cancer research site.

    At OncoLille, experts from industry and academia work together in a fully integrated consortium that ranges from fundamental research to roll-out of promising drugs, in addition to addressing key issues in life sciences, social sciences and the humanities.

    OncoLille is currently developing an innovative integrated research project with two components critical to modern oncology:

    • “Resistance,” examining the resistance of tumors and their hosts to locoregional therapies
    •  “Dormancy,” tracking tumors that remain dormant for months or even years.

    The program is funded by a five-year €6,650,000 grant from the French National Cancer Institute.

    OncoLille’s fully integrated approach, which combines all areas of cancer research, is unique in collecting information that is critical to adapting therapeutic practices to personalized medicine. Its designation as a SIRIC center should have an impact beyond academia, generating powerful momentum for businesses throughout the region’s oncology sector. 


    Source : press releases from the Lille CHRU and the National Cancer Institute - Eurasanté



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