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    Success story: Amaris Lille set to expand

    Switzerland-based Amaris opened an office in Hauts-de-France in late 2015. Ranked among Europe’s leading independent consulting groups, the company is growing exponentially.

    Lille shortlisted as World Design Capital 2020

    Greater Lille and Sydney are the finalists for the biennial title, awarded by the World Design Organization.

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    Lille Region: Tomorrow’s healthcare today

    28 Oct 2013 | A region on the move, Health Nutrition

    Having unveiled the hospital room of the future in 2012, Lille's University Hospital Center (CHRU) and Clubster Santé, a Lille Region health industry network, are now designing tomorrow’s outpatient surgery center. Their goal: create an optimal outpatient structure that promotes patient wellbeing and simplifies the work of care providers.

    Tomorrow’s healthcare - CHRU Clubster santé - outpatient surgery - Lille Region

    New focus on outpatient surgery

    Today’s hospitals are trending sharply towards outpatient treatment: in the US and UK, 80% of surgical treatment is performed on an outpatient basis, and France aims to raise its proportion of outpatient procedures from 36% today to 50% by 2016. That’s why CHRU and Clubster Santé have moved on to phase two of the Concept Room project, inspired by the automobile industry’s concept cars. Building on Concept Room Opus 1, a futuristic hospital room unveiled in 2012, Concept Room Opus 2 showcases tomorrow’s outpatient surgery center, designed around the core principles of progress and patient autonomy.

    Three major innovations

         Three-in-one healthcare recliner

    Concept Room Opus 2 features a new medical recliner, based on the Opus 1 version but adapted for use in outpatient facilities. An integrated grip converts it into a stretcher, made more maneuverable by a narrower profile. And the recliner has a more rigid structure, enabling it to play a third role as an operating table when raised on its base and protected by a special covering.

         Ultimate connectivity

    Opus 2 takes traceability to new heights, with integrated RFID chips that relay real-time information to display screens as the patient moves through. Wireless sensors check vital signs remotely, constantly monitoring blood oxygen and heart rate and displaying these data on screen.

         Space revisited

    The new facility is patient-centered and user-friendly, with features based on careful attention to the wellbeing of patients and the comfort of their loved ones. The patient’s path through the facility has been streamlined, and the new system tracks her position at all times. This means estimated waiting times can be calculated, saving time for the medical team and providing better information to the patient. Finally, Opus 2 maximizes available space by replacing traditional hospital rooms with pre-surgical bays, anterooms@ where the recliner is converted into an operating table, recovery rooms, and a shared lounge where the patients can maintain privacy if they wish.

    CHRU and Clubster Santé are already looking ahead to Concept Room Opus 3, which will focus on dependent patients. Stay tuned!


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