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    Grid opens new audiovisual studio in Greater Lille

    Belgium-based Grid has opted to open its third office in Hauts-de-France—proof that Lille’s highly developed digital ecosystem is a strong selling point for animation studios. renews commitment to Tourcoing has signed a deal for a new building in Tourcoing, making good on plans announced in April. Find out why the fast-growing online travel company chose to stay in Hauts-de-France.

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    GSK Biologicals opens site in Saint Amand les Eaux

    16 Jan 2012 | Investment, Health Nutrition

    Vaccine specialist rolls out new European production and packaging platform

    GSK Biologicals - Saint-Amand-les-Eaux - Lille Region

    In September 2006, GSK Biologicals announced that its new European production and packaging platform for vaccines, scheduled to start up in 2011, would be built near Valenciennes in Saint Amand les Eaux.

    The Saint Amand site won this major investment program in a hotly-contested competition with other European regions. Its strengths: expertise in complex production processes, a strategic location and an exceptional business environment, including a highly skilled workforce.

    Key figures:

    • Total investment: €600 million
    • Total jobs: 600
    • Construction: 5 years
    • Facilities: 7 buildings on a 17-hectare site
    • Output: 300 million vaccines a year once the facility is up and running.

    Today both the new jobs and the investment program are in place and the Saint Amand vaccine facility -- at the heart of GSK Biologicals’ development strategy -- is in full operation.

    The investment strengthens GlaxoSmithKline’s presence in France, where it is the top foreign pharmaceutical group for employment, capital investment and R&D.

    The vaccine platform is also the largest single investment in Northern France since Toyota opened its plant in 1997.

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