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DBT-CEV leads the market for electric vehicle charging stations

26 Jun 2015 | A region on the move, Mobility

Europe’s leading manufacturer charging stations for electric vehicles, Northern France-based DBT-CEV has just unveiled a 2015 version of its tri-standard unit. This innovative solution is universal and works with every electric vehicle on the market.

DBT-CEV rolls out universal charging station

Wondering which charging stations are compatible with your electric vehicle? Relax. With DBT-CEV’s next-generation solution, compatibility problems are a thing of the past. The leading European manufacturer of fast electric rechargers—and tied for the top spot worldwide—this Northern France-based company has developed a 2015 version of its fast “tri-standard” unit. The new charging station can recharge a battery in just 30 minutes, and with three different types of outlet is compatible with every electric vehicle on the market, from Zoé and Tesla to Volkswagen eUP and BMW i3.

80% of the European market

Based in Northern France, DBT-CEV already supplies over 80% of the European market with fast recharging stations. “Electric vehicles and charging stations are a worldwide market,” says DBT Chairman and CEO Hervé Borgoltz. “The automakers drive the market, and DBT is adapting. The vehicles are the same whether they're in London, Tokyo, Ankara or Paris—except for the steering wheel, which is sometimes on the right.” Some 15,000 charging stations have already been installed in 600 European cities.

Recognized innovator

To improve charger performance, DBT-CEV is working with automakers to secure specifications even before the vehicles go to market, and its talent for innovation has already won international recognition. The company was chosen to participate in a Barcelona pilot project that will install chargers for a taxi company—chargers that can also be used by the general public. And DBT-CEV chargers have been installed in the UK as part of the Ten-T project, aimed at creating energy corridors along major highways, with a charging station every 60 km. In Eastern Europe, the company is once again in competition to install energy corridors in Slovakia.

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Source : L’automobile & entreprise – La Voix du Nord



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