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BASF invests €1M on its Gravelines site

26 Sep 2018 | Front page, Advanced Materials

BASF Agri-Production is a subsidiary of the German group BASF, which produces most of the crop protection products marketed by BASF France’s Agro division. The Gravelines plant is expanding its production lines with an investment of 1 million euros.

BASF, Agri-Production, Gravelines, Hauts-de-France

BASF is investing in and boosting its production capacity

The plant, which is named Agri-Production and has been based in Gravelines since 1989, was purchased in 2000 by the Germany group BASF, the world’s leading chemical company. The acquisition allowed the northern site to triple its production of crop protection products and herbicides. Having become one of the group’s largest sites in Europe for herbicide formulation, BASF decided to invest €1M in Gravelines to expand the capacity of its production lines. Five jobs will be created in the plant thanks to this investment.

The BASF site today

The plant has 160 employees and generates some 100 indirect jobs. It specializes in the production of crop protection products, including selective herbicides, intended for agricultural sectors. BASF Agri-Production packages more than 350 different finished products, amounting to more than 30 million liters manufactured in 2016 (40 formulas and 400 products). Eighty percent of this production is marketed to the European market, of which 25% goes to the French market.

Innovative BASF products

In a complex environmental context and an ever-growing population, the Agri-Production site wants to keep striving to create innovative solutions for farmers and increase long-term yields and crop quality. The plant offers a wide array of crop protection products (fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, etc.) and biocontrol solutions for modern, sustainable, and efficient agriculture to meet the needs of conventional and organic production systems.

Source:, Voix du Nord



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