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    Grid opens new audiovisual studio in Greater Lille

    Belgium-based Grid has opted to open its third office in Hauts-de-France—proof that Lille’s highly developed digital ecosystem is a strong selling point for animation studios. renews commitment to Tourcoing has signed a deal for a new building in Tourcoing, making good on plans announced in April. Find out why the fast-growing online travel company chose to stay in Hauts-de-France.

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    Aircraft factory of the future in Méaulte

    18 Apr 2017 | Front page, Mobility, Investment

    Stelia Aerospace has invested €70 million in a complete overhaul of its Méaulte production plant, making this site in the Somme area of Hauts-de-France one of Europe’s most modern aircraft factories.

    Stelia Aerospace has invested €70 million in its production site at Méaulte, now one of Europe’s most modern aircraft plants

    Cutting-edge production technology

    In addition to an expanded production area spanning 115,000 sq m, the renovated plant now features new tools, including:

    - over 35 robots and automatic riveting machines
    - three moving production lines dedicated to the A320 aircraft family, allowing - delivery of 15 forward fuselage sections per week
    - new production support tools using digital technologies such as augmented reality and digital modelling.

    To optimize operational performance and simplify industrial flows, the factory’s layout has also been reorganized, with each production program and its workforce housed in a dedicated building.

    In a highly competitive sector, the updated plant will enable Stelia Aerospace to:

    - increase productivity by 15%
    - reduce assembly cycles 20%-30%
    - meet the shorter deadlines its clients demand—without sacrificing reliable performance
    - win new markets and maintain its position as a world leader in aerostructures
    - keep jobs at its historic sites over the long term

    About the company

    Stelia Aerospace specializes in assembling aerostructures, primarily front fuselages for the entire Airbus family and central fuselages for Bombardier’s Global7000.

    With sales of €2.1 billion, the company employs a workforce of 6,600 worldwide. Some 1,600 people—about one-third of Stelia Aerospace personnel in France—work at the Albert-Méaulte technology park in the Somme area (Hauts-de-France).

    Source: Stelia Aerospace

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